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Patchwork Paradise by Indra Vaughn

Patchwork Paradise Book Cover Patchwork Paradise
Indra Vaughn
Fiction, M/M Romance
Riptide Publishing
March 28, 2016

Oliver and Samuel’s relationship is fairy-tale perfect. They share a gorgeous house in Antwerp, go out with their friends every weekend, and count down the days to their dream wedding. But their happy ending is shattered one late night, and just like that, Ollie is left bereft and alone.

The months that follow are long and dark, but slowly Ollie emerges from his grief. He even braves the waters of online dating, though deep down he doesn’t believe he can find that connection again. He doesn’t think to look for love right in front of him: his bisexual friend Thomas, the gentle giant with a kind heart and sad eyes who’s wanted him all along.

When Thomas suddenly discovers he has a son who needs him, he’s ill prepared. Ollie opens up his house—Sam’s house—and lets them in. Ollie doesn’t know what scares him more: the responsibility of caring for a baby, or the way Thomas is steadily winning his heart. It will take all the courage he has to discover whether or not fairy tales can happen for real.

ARIANNA’s review


‘Patchwork Paradise’ was my third and definitely my favorite book I’ve read by this author. Equally heartbreaking and heartwarming, this story was beautifully written, gripping, intense at times and very emotional, so make sure you have your tissues ready. A friends to lovers/hurt-comfort story, ‘Patchwork Paradise’ is a wonderful story of loss, second chances at life and love and learning to let go.

Oliver ‘Ollie’ has known Sam since he was just ten years old. They had started dating when they were sixteen and they are now getting married in one month. Ollie loves Sam with all his heart and cherishes their sweet, fairy-tale perfect relationship, loves their house, his job as a medical software engineering and their small group of friends. Their life is perfection until Ollie and Sam’s happiness is shattered one night when Sam is killed in a burglary. Oliver is devastated. He doesn’t know how to life with the man he loved for so long, he feels he can’t function without Sam, but he knows if he wants to survive he has to at least try.

Thomas is one of Ollie’s best friends. He has been in love with his friend since forever, but he accepted he doesn’t have any chance since Ollie had already had someone to love. He tried to move on, to forget the man who over the years came to mean so much for him, sleeping around with both men and women, truly believing he will never will find love and happiness. Even if Sam passed away, Thomas believes he doesn’t have any chance to be with Ollie. He respected Sam as a friend and he respects Ollie too much to push him in that direction.

Ollie had never known about Thomas’s feelings. He feels guilty a little for not figuring out this years ago and he feels he’s ready to try to move on believing his friend is the perfect man for that. Everything changes for the two men when Thomas finds out he has a son who needs him more than anything.

Indra Vaughn delivered a well done beautifully heartbreaking story that will move you to tears. I loved the fact that despite the premise the story wasn’t cheesy or sappy. The plot was well developed, complex and the author did a great job with both Ollie’s grief and with the relationship between Ollie and Thomas. The story wasn’t full and stupid drama which to be honest pleased me to no end. However, Ollie’s tries to move on felt believable.

I liked both Ollie and Thomas. The author did a fantastic job with Ollie’s character portraying him and his emotions in a very realistic way. My heart broke for him. I wanted to give him a hug so badly and I desperately wanted for him to find happiness again. He was well developed and complex and I’m glad that he had friends that were so wonderful. As for Thomas, oh, man…I really sympathize with him. He was such a good, loyal friend to Ollie. He was there for him when he needed someone, he was sweet, caring, protective and so very thoughtful. Needless to say I loved him to pieces. From the beginning he proved he is what Ollie needs, a wonderful man who will do anything for those he loves. He’s also a great father to his son. I loved how Ollie’s help him deal with everything and how supportive he was at times.

Ollie and Thomas’s relationship was wonderful and the transition from friends to something more was done in a very believable way. To be honest the slowwww burn relationship between them frustrated me a little simply because I wanted for them to finally be happy, but I appreciated it in some way because it felt more natural and nothing between them felt forced. I loved the relationship both these two main characters had with the little boy. They were so cute together and some scenes were pure and simple adorable.

I have to mention the setting – Belgium, which I found to be very interesting and refreshing and also the supportive characters that were as well portrayed as the main characters and so engaging.

Overall, a wonderful friends to lovers story that I highly recommend!