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Paint It All Red (Mindf*uck #5) by S.T. Abby

Paint It All Red Book Cover Paint It All Red
The Mindf*uck Series #5
S.T. Abby
Fiction, Dark Romance, Thriller
December 26th 2016
No, read in order

Hush, little baby, don't say a word...

Will Logan choose them? Or will we watch them burn together?

It's time to fuck with their minds.
It's time to finish it all.
It's time to paint it all red...

Monsters don't usually wish for happily-ever-afters.

**BE WARNED: Some descriptions are vivid and can be a trigger for sensitive readers.

**Sexual Content

Jenny’s Review

Best fricken DARK series ever. I was literally glued to this series. I think the hubby and the kids are quite thankful I’m finally through it =)) it consumed any and all my free time!! I LoVeD it❤❤❤This book, awww this book. It ended the series brilliantly and let me say, it wasn’t predictable to me at all. I wasn’t sure how things were going to play out, it wasn’t predictable at all, wow, I loved it!!!
Logan, god I am so in love with Logan Bennett. He loves hard, and he loves protectively.
 photo 372501F3-3089-4C3A-B395-E1C3D795A8D7_zpszzqygelj.jpg
Lana, this girl, I want to be her. Well, I want to be as strong and as bad ass as her. She has to be literally the strongest heroine I’ve ever read about. She deserves all the revenge she’s seeking and she definitely deserves the love of Logan Bennett.
 photo 6C501771-5A2D-472B-A51B-5A802C861B42_zpsyogieo4l.jpg
Together these two are perfect. The ending of this book….. perfect. Beautiful. I just don’t know what the heck I’m gonna do with myself now with no more Logan & Lana…
 photo 9F1AE3E7-C731-4E8F-946D-3F5FA21D9FDE_zpsv9p90v5t.gif
And lastly, who the hell is S.T. Abby? My hat off to you dear author, amazingly done.
 photo A0B81450-F3D5-4D3F-B61C-2BACD0EA28D3_zps9gt1osms.gif
Definitely a new auto read author for me