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Over Easy (Santa Lena Sizzles #1) by Jessa York

Over Easy Book Cover Over Easy
Santa Lena Sizzles #1
Jessa York
Contemporary Romance
September 14th, 2018
No, ends on a cliff hanger

If it’s easy, it’s not worth it… 

After a tumultuous divorce, the last thing Harper wants—or needs—is a new man in her life. She’s done with love and romance. When a smear of lipstick and a Pink Squirrel turn into a chance encounter that she’ll never forget, everything changes. 

Nothing worth having comes easy… 

Jack can’t believe his luck. When the mysterious woman he’s had his eyes set on falls into his arms—literally—he realizes he can’t let her go. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her, even if it means playing with fire.

Tracey’s Review

Over Easy is the first book from Jessa York’s debut duet and what a way to introduce herself to the book community. 

Anytime that I pick up a new book from a new author, I am always a little uneasy to discover the authors writing style and whether I can make a connection to the character and the author themselves. But with this duet, I thoroughly enjoyed the easy read, a romance story with a touch of angst. 

Over Easy was such a cute and fun read. Our hero and heroine have fantastic chemistry with a fantastic storyline about second chances and taking a risk on love. At no point did I find myself bored and losing interest in the story, I loved the cliff hanger, yes you read it right, this book does end on a cliff hanger and its one that I didn’t see coming (ok, maybe I kind of thought Jack, our hero, had a secret that would get found out).

I fell in love with Jack McCallister’s character, he’s a sexy delectable restaurant owner/chef. He certainly didn’t have time on his busy schedule to find one, but when he spots Harper we smitten from the get go. After a few chance meetings and a few cocktails, Jack convinces Harper to take a chance on him.

Harper was a character that I instantly made a connection with. Her past relationship has left their scars and she is a little uneasy about giving her heart to another man. As an organic produce supplier, she manages to keep bumping into the ever so sexy Jack, and finally decides to give Jack a chance at restoring her faith in men.

While the main characters were fantastic, the secondary characters in this book was just as good. I loved the banter between Harper and her two goofball friends and the kids in the story are hard to resist and give us plenty of humour, they certainly made me laugh a few times. 

Overall, Over Easy was the perfect story to introduce her writing style to the reading community. I can’t wait to see where Jessa York takes theses characters in the next book. I am also excited to read more from this other, especially as she starts to grow into her writing skin, I can imagine really good stories from this author.