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Outrageous (Rock Bottom #1) by Jennifer Ann

Outrageous Book Cover Outrageous
Rock Bottom Series #1
Jennifer Ann
March 6th 2018

The South Side is like an incurable cancer, destroying the lives of everyone it touches.

For Brooke, the nightmare is over, and she uses her experience of survival to help those still living it.

Those like Liam.

He’s the smartest high schooler she’s ever met, and gets under her skin in the most delicious way.

She’s the bravest woman he knows, and he’s amazed she cares about his future and the fate of his band.

Their attraction is undeniable, but it’s also forbidden. She took an oath not to sleep with those she’s promised to protect.

But when the King of South Side tangles with Liam and his bandmates, she’s forced to make a choice. 

One that could cost her everything.

Maria’s Review

3.5 stars
➦My first book by this author and boy, can Jennifer Ann write. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style and everything seems to flow well in the story. I don’t really know why I was convinced that this was going to be a rockstar romance… (may be because they seem to be everywhere these days?) Other than the fact that the hero is in a band, there wasn’t much in here revolving around music. Which isn’t a bad thing, just pointing it out.

➦I won’t be babbling on for a long time, because, honestly?

➦And lately I’ve been so MIA from GR that I don’t even think anyone reads my reviews anymore lol.

➦Fair enough, but here goes anyway. If you like forbidden romances then you might enjoy this story. A social case worker for a heroine and a troubled teen for a hero. There’s a bit of an age gap, about 6 years by my estimation. (*tries very hard to remember*, this was 10 books ago lol) The forbidden aspect was pretty well done, the sexual chemistry was high. 

➦There was a bit of a soggy middle here for me, the story has lost a bit of momentum by the half way mark, but, thankfully picked back up, and I was able to plow through it to the end. I will definitely be on the lookout for other books by this author in the future.

➦You’re welcome.