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Once A Crime Lord (Crime Lord #3) by Mia Knight

Once A Crime Lord Book Cover Once A Crime Lord
Crime Lord Series #3
Mia Knight
Fiction, Dark Romance
April 20th 2017
No, read in order

It all ends here. 

It’s been two years since the Pyre family was ripped apart by a sadistic killer who will stop at nothing to take Gavin Pyre’s position as crime lord of the Las Vegas underworld. 

Lyla and Gavin’s relationship will be put to the ultimate test when her ex rolls into town and the killer decides to finish what he started by making his final play… 

Val’s Review

4 Stars

This was a fitting end to the series.

Continuing the plot arc from the first two books, we were still on the hunt for the “Phantom” crime lord trying to usurp Gavin’s hold on the Underworld. It ends with a flourish.

Granted, there was an element toward the end that I wasn’t expecting and some my find cheesy ( the old secret underground death cage match, always a classic), but I myself was totally on board.

Yes, yes, I know I rant against the cheesy in other reviews and champion them in others, but what can I say?

I’m moody with waffling standards.

Gavin was his usual brand of homicidal psychopath, my own personal favorite book dreamboat.

I know this is not some people’s favorite form of fictional man meat, but crazy town just really does it for me for some reason.

I really liked how Lyla became a bit of a badass here too – and it was believable! – since Gavin had right hand man Blade (snort) training her since she returned in book one.

Anyway, no one will read this without reading the first two…and anyone who read the first two is going to read this if only to find out how it all ends, so this review is really moot.

But still, tada!