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Nuts (Hudson Valley #1) by Alice Clayton

Nuts Book Cover Nuts
Hudson Valley #1
Alice Clayton
Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
October 20th 2015

Roxie Callahan is a private chef to some of Hollywood’s wealthiest, and nastiest, calorie-counting wives. After a dairy disaster implodes her carefully crafted career in one fell ploop, she finds herself back home in upstate New York, bailing out her hippie mother and running the family diner.

When gorgeous local farmer Leo Maxwell delivers her a lovely bunch of organic walnuts, Roxie wonders if a summer back home isn’t such a bad idea after all. Leo is heavily involved in the sustainable slow food movement, and he likes to take his time. In all things. Roxie is determined to head back to the west coast as soon as summer ends, but will the pull of lazy fireflies and her very own Almanzo Wilder be enough to keep her home for good?

Salty. Spicy. Sweet. Nuts. Go on, grab a handful.

ARIANNA’s Review

4.5 Stars!!


“Nuts” was the perfect fun romantic comedy in my opinion. I had so much fun reading this quirky, funny, sexy little gem. What made me enjoy so much this novel is the fact that it has a little bit of everything. Needless to say it made me smile, it made me swoon and fell in love with the characters and really with the entire small town.

Roxie Callahan is a celebrity chef in Hollywood. She loves her job and she loves California. However, she can’t say she loves L.A. or that she likes all her clients. When her mother calls her telling her that she needs her help with her dinner for the summer, because she was selected to participate in the reality TV series “The Amazing Race”, Roxie agrees…eventually. Roxie doesn’t like too much Bailey Falls, the small town she grew up because everyone knows everything about everybody. She has fond memories about her mother’s dinner, because after all that’s where she realized she wants to be a chef, but she never wanted to run it, not even for a short period of time.

“I’ll see you around, I’m sure.”
“It’s a small town,” I replied. “Maybe you’ll show up at my back door with your nuts again.”

In her mother’s dinner she meets Leo, a deliciously sexy farmer who seems to be as smitten with her as much as she is with him. Sparks fly and Roxie doesn’t mind the idea to get involved, only for the summer with this very hot farmer boy, especially since she always had a farmer fantasy.


As Roxie and Leo start a no strings attached relationship and they get to know each other, they also become friends and as the summer goes on Roxie realizes that maybe the small town and the sexy “nuts guy” is what she really wants and needs.

“Are those nuts in your pocket, or you just glad to see me?

I’m happy to say this turned out to be a very enjoyable read. Like I mentioned above, “Nuts” had a little bit of everything and I have to say I enjoyed very much how the romance was blend with the humor. I loved the witty humorous dialogue. It kept me glued to the pages, it was smart and it was perfectly done.

Roxie was a fun, relatable character to read about. I loved her quirky personality and I can honestly say I really connected with her. She was sassy, smart-mouth and overall I adored her. Leo was this sexy farmer I fell for immediately. He was sweet, easy-going, funny and charmed the pants off me from the start. Roxie and Leo’s chemistry was fantastically done. I loved all the sweet and sexy moments between these two. They were fun, they were sexy and they were perfect for each other in every way. The passion and sexual tension between them were sizzling, their interactions entertaining and their sexy moments so hot. I couldn’t get enough of them!

“He was thick and hard and I was wet and warm and he kept his eyes on mine the entire time, not letting me look away, not letting me shrink away from this intimate contact. For an age he pushed inside, as he panted and I gasped, and holy hell, it felt like the world slowed down and then stopped spinning altogether, becoming only the feel of him, pulsing low and deep and I could feel my heart literally beating around him.”

The supportive characters were as vividly portrayed as the main ones. I have to admit I fell in love with them as much as I fell in love with Roxie and Leo. They were enjoyable, relatable and I can’t wait to read more about them in the next books in the series. Alice Clayton painted the small town in such a great way. The descriptions were so great and yes, it was like I was there myself.

If you need something sweet and sexy that will put a smile in your face you might need to pick this book up. Give it a try and maybe you will end up enjoying it as much as I did!