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My Way Back to You (Second Chances Duet #2) by Claire Contreras

My Way Back to You Book Cover My Way Back to You
Second Chances Duet #2
Claire Contreras
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
March 15th 2018
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Book 2 in the Second Chance Duet . . .

Love isn't always about timing.
Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and roll with it.

I admit I wasn't ready.
I know you don't want to look at me, let alone talk to me, but please, let me explain.
Let me tell you all the ways my heart broke when you walked away.
Let me show you what our years apart have done to me.

Give me a chance to find my way back to you . . .

Jenny’s Review


I craved getting to the end of this book. I obsessed over getting the conclusion of Rowen & Tessa’s story. I simply couldn’t wait.

I imagined the story going one way, then another way, and of course another way too. So when I started reading this story, the second half of this duet, I was like “Noooooo” it just can’t be this way…….. here’s the thing….. it was fucking perfect the way it played out in this conclusion. That’s all I am going to say.

I AM SO HAPPY with the conclusion of this book. Yes, it wasn’t the way I thought or imagined but gosh dang it, it worked so well.

So without going into how much I love or like or hate any part or person or character in this whole story, I will say this, if you love angst, if you love second chances, if you love an ultimate lifetime love story, and if you crave that emotional read, this is for you. Don’t hesitate, pick this one up.