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My Image of You by Melanie Moreland

My Image of You Book Cover My Image of You
Melanie Moreland
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
September 19th 2017

She was the first good thing that ever happened to me. The only person who made me want to stay put. Until she disappeared. My name is Adam Kincaid, and I’m the most daring freelance photographer in the world. Or, at least, I used to be. After losing my parents way too young, I hid behind a camera lens—and discovered a talent that took me all over the planet. No assignment was too dangerous, no location too remote, no subject too painful.
Then came the accident, and the hospital, where I met her: Alexandra Robbins. My nurse. My savior. With her fiery red hair and crystal-clear blue eyes, the most striking woman I could’ve imagined—and the kindest too. How could such a big personality fit into such a petite package? But she was running from something too, something I never had: her family. She thought she’d escaped their control. But she was wrong. And now they’ve taken her away from me.
Today is her engagement party. I may not get an explanation, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get a photograph. A picture really is worth a thousand words. And just like love, it never fades away. . . .
This sexy standalone novel includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Megan’s Review

***3.5 Stars***

“She needed someone to protect her.
That someone was me.”

My Image of You is the first story I have read by Melanie Moreland. When I read the synopsis all those month ago I knew this was something I wanted to get on board with. In the end though, it was just ok for me. I did find parts really enjoyable and found it engaging at some spots, particularly the start and the end, but as an all-round story I just found it dragged a bit and I lost interest in parts. Having said that, the ending I loved; it was insanely good. Any readers who love their second chance romance trope should give this one a go.

Adam is a dare devil photographer, who jet sets around the world in search of the perfect story and snap shot. He has no issues risking his life for the perfect photo and this is where the story begins…

“Her giggle made me happy, her kiss was filled with warmth, her touch love personified. She was mine.”

Adam has a serious accident and injures himself badly while on location in Toronto and has to be rushed to hospital. There he meets a beautiful nurse, Alexandra “Ally” Robbins and she soon becomes his very own Florence Nightingale.

There was an insta-connection and chemistry between both Adam and Ally and they both fell hard. Ally soon consumes Adam’s every thought and he wants to know everything about her and protect her for the rest of his life. Things unfortunately don’t always work out as planned and circumstances pull the two apart. I’m not going to go into too much detail as to not reveal any spoilers, but some aspects of the story surprised me and I actually didn’t see coming.

“I only met you a couple of days ago, Ally, but I’ve been waiting for you all my life. Waiting for you to find me.”

While I didn’t LOVE the story as much as I had hoped to, I still found it somewhat enjoyable, romantic and definitely pulled at my heart strings. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves second chance romances and even though overall I’m rating it 3.5 stars, the ending on its own is worth a solid 5 in my opinion.