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Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

Moonshot Book Cover Moonshot
Alessandra Torre
Fiction, New Adult, Sports Romance
July 4th 2016

Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death…

The summer that Chase Stern entered my life, I was seventeen. The daughter of a legend, the Yankees were my family, their stadium my home, their dugout my workplace. My focus was on the game. Chase... he started out as a distraction. A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame. A distraction who played like a god and partied like a devil.

I tried to stay away. I couldn’t.

Then, the team started losing.
Women started dying.
And everything in my world broke apart.

Maria’s review

“Life is a series of stupid decisions interrupted by luck.”

Ty is a daughter of a legendary closer for Yankees. She is also a ball girl and she travels with the team to all of the games.

Chase Stern is a star player with questionable reputation who gets traded in to Yankees. He knows Ty is off-limits but despite it all he is drawn to her.

➦Their forbidden romance blooms but eventually comes to a stop due to some unfortunate circumstances. Years pass until these two cross paths again. Will there be a second chance for them?

➦And in the midst of it all there is a mystery. A series of unsolved murders somehow connected to Yankees.

❤Alessandra Torre is one talented lady. I enjoy her writing, it kept me glued to the pages. The sex scenes were scorching hot, the plot twists unpredictable. I really loved the baseball aspect and learned some new stuff about the game 🙂

❤The quote I used in the beginning… There were some stupid decisions made which changed the course of MC’s lives. People make mistakes, they pay for their mistakes, they move on. I think that’s actually a big part of this book and I respect Torre for not sugar coating anything.

✘There were some things that I would have preferred to be different… No, it wasn’t the cheating. Yes, there’s CHEATING it this book, deal with it. Or don’t. You’ve been warned.

I’ve read a bunch of reviews where people are outraged about the cheating. Well, unfortunately, it’s part of life… just look at the divorce rate. I suppose there are assholes who cheat just for the sake of cheating but let’s be realistic – most people probably do it because they are unhappy in a relationship.

Ty wasn’t unhappy in her marriage, but you have to look at the circumstances she was in. It’s always easy to sit there and judge – “Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were her! That’s so selfish!” People are selfish creatures by nature and have different values/views on life. Baseball was big part of Ty’s life. Why should she have dropped everything for a man the second he came back into her life? It’s not always black and white!

✘Ty and Chase went from friends to lovers too fast for my liking – it felt a bit too rushed. But I suppose with the whole mystery aspect of the book there wasn’t enough pages to fit it all in. Chase’s transformation from a bad boy to a good boy happens very rapidly… I would have loved more gradual progression.

✘The plot twist and the mystery. Didn’t love it. I actually could have gone without, but that’s just me… I prefer more focus on relationships between the characters and character development. 😛 Everything was leading to this big moment and you know it’s coming… and I just thought it took away from the romance in the second half of the book.

➦I definitely recommend this book for those who like sports romances, forbidden love stories, murder mysteries and suspense. 🙂 Those who are super sensitive about cheating should probably stay away.

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