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Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar

Mists of the Serengeti Book Cover Mists of the Serengeti
Leylah Attar
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
January 31st 2017

Once in Africa, I kissed a king...

"And just like that, in an old red barn at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, I discovered the elusive magic I had only ever glimpsed between the pages of great love stories. It fluttered around me like a newborn butterfly and settled in a corner of my heart. I held my breath, afraid to exhale for fear it would slip out, never to be found again.”

When a bomb explodes in a mall in East Africa, its aftershocks send two strangers on a collision course that neither one sees coming.

Jack Warden, a divorced coffee farmer in Tanzania, loses his only daughter. An ocean away, in the English countryside, Rodel Emerson loses her only sibling.

Two ordinary people, bound by a tragic afternoon, set out to achieve the extraordinary, as they make three stops to rescue three children across the vast plains of the Serengeti—children who are worth more dead than alive.

But even if they beat the odds, another challenge looms at the end of the line. Can they survive yet another loss—this time of a love that’s bound to slip through their fingers, like the mists that dissipate in the light of the sun?

“Sometimes you come across a rainbow story—one that spans your heart. You might not be able to grasp it or hold on to it, but you can never be sorry for the color and magic it brought.”

A blend of romance and women’s fiction, Mists of The Serengeti is inspired by true events and contains emotional triggers, including the death of a child. Not recommended for sensitive readers. Standalone, contemporary fiction.

ARIANNA’s review

‘Mists of the Serengeti’ is poignant, beautiful,  inspiring, unique and breathtaking. It is like nothing I’ve ever read before. It is purely and simply amazing. This thought-provoking and so stunningly written story touched me deeply. I finished this book days ago and I’m still thinking about it. It made me speechless and it made me feel. This book is epic from cover to cover. Needless to say, I can already tell that Leylah Attar’s newest release will be on my favorite shelf this year.

“And just like that, in an old red barn at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, I found the elusive magic I had glimpsed only between the pages of great love stories.”

Rodel ‘Ro’ Emerson is a teacher in England who is about to purchase her dream house, looking forward to finally have her place and find the stability she always wanted. Her life is irrevocably changed when she receives a call from Africa. She gets on a plane to Tanzania, hoping that Africa will bring her the peace she desperately needs. She decides to stay for three weeks, visit some places and try for the first time in her life to live properly, to see the world from a different perspective.

“In a thousand lives, I would die a thousand deaths to save her. Over and over and over again.”

Jack Warden is a ‘mzungu’, but his family has lived in Tanzania for generations. He has a coffee farm, one of the largest estates in the area. Recently Jack had lost the one thing that really ever mattered to him. He’s sad, angry, bitter, not wanting to live again. All he feels is guilt and so much agony and all he wants is to be left alone.

By some crazy twist of fate, Rodel and Jack’s paths cross. They are thrown into a hopeless situation trying to save each other and heal each other. What neither of them expects is to learn how to share their pain and grief, to learn the power of destiny and to fall in love with each other.

“The most profound, most memorable moments of life are the ones that make you feel.”

A story about redemption, healing, finding who you are and love, ‘Mists of the Serengeti’ is such an unforgettable read. It is, at times, hauntingly beautiful, heart-breaking and real, yet, at other times, so very heart-warming. I loved every single aspect of the story. I loved the magical, lyrical prose, the fascinating premise and captivating story-line. I loved the message, the epilogue which connects the whole story in such a fascinating way, the characters and I absolutely loved the epic romance between the hero and the heroine.

“You don’t always get what you want. Sometimes you get exactly what you need.”

Rodel and Jack’s story evoked so many emotions in me. From the prologue, it made me feel so much. Like I mentioned above, this compelling story was like nothing I’ve read before. The beautiful setting and the amazing descriptions were spectacularly done. I felt in love with Africa, with Tanzania, immediately. Leylah did such a wonderful job describing all these amazing places. I felt like I was there from the moment I started reading this fantastic book.

I loved the intricate plot, the progression of the story, the fantastic blend of suspense, action and romance. The supportive characters are as wonderful as the main ones. They are absolutely fascinating and vividly portrayed. As for the main characters – simply amazing. I loved both Rodel and Jack. They are incredibly well developed and complex – both flawed and tormented. My heart broke for both of them. I felt their pain and how lost they were at times, I felt their fears and insecurities.

“Sometimes you come across a rainbow story—one that spans your heart. You might not be able to grasp it or hold on to it, but you can never be sorry for the color and magic it brought.”

I absolutely loved Rodel and Jack together. The connection between them was palpable from the beginning of the novel. The epilogue, purely and simply, blew me away. It left me speechless. It definitely was one of the most original epilogues I’ve ever read.

If you are looking for a beautifully written, unique and poignant story that will make you think and feel, with two amazing, fantastically layered characters, then you must read this one.

“We are all connected. Taleenoi olngisoilechashur.”