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Malum: Part 2 (Elite King’s Club #5) by Amo Jones

Malum: Part 2 Book Cover Malum: Part 2
Elite Kings Club Series
Amo Jones
Dark Romance
11th June 2019
Part of a Duet

Some girls don’t like pretty things.
Some girls like things that are destructive, and toxic. Things that fuel our bodies with adrenaline and bring our demons to their knees. 
They say magic isn’t real, but it’s it the closest way to describe love? It doesn’t exist physically. It merely exists around us, within us, possessing our souls and making us do stupid shit. Shit like falling in love with a boy who knows how to rip my world apart and raise hell with a simple flick of his wrist. Their secrets are now mine. I’m not just in the middle of this game, I’m helping orchestrate it. Can the cries of my aching soul be enough to drown out the burning embers of my mistakes?
The mind strengthens the heart, roughing the edges to prepare it for war. This is a war I will not win.
This is a war of fate.
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Tracey’s Review

This series just keeps on getting better with each book!! Amo Jones seriously pulls out all the twists this Malum Part 2. Let’s just say that you can never predict where or what happens this series is going to take us!

When my ARC popped up on my kindle I knew I would need a few days to digest what happens this is this book and I was completely right. These books leave you emotionally drained just because of how good they are, and the vast amount of twists just leaves you gasping for breath and obviously swearing till your blue in the face. Malum Part 2 was one of my most anticipated reads of the year so far and it did not let me down. 

Without going into too much detail, this book picks up from where we were left in Malum Part 1 and finds Nate and Tillie coming to grips with their emotions and finally learning the truth about their daughter. All I will say is be prepared for Nate to be a complete arsehole and for you to feel Tillie’s pain. 

This couple has some serious chemistry and when these two characters are together your can feel the room ignite with the tension and feel their attraction course through your veins. They have to be one of my favourite dark couple and it will certainly take some serious power to knock them off their spot. 

The Malum Duet has to be one of the best dark duets I have read, Amo doesn’t hold her punches. Not shy from laying on the angst, tension and sexual tension, the author offers everything you could imagine and then some. Amo Jones imagination is a one of a kind, I don’t think I’ve come across an author that has this kind of series. I am always captivated with her words.