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Lucian (Filthy Marcellos #1) by Bethany-Kris

Lucian Book Cover Lucian
Filthy Marcellos #1
Contemporary Romance
February 2, 2015

Lucian Marcello is aware of the expectations following him as the oldest son of one of North America’s most infamous Cosa Nostra Dons. Family in his world is more than blood and sharing a last name. It’s the honor, respect, business, and the life. Being a Capo is just a stepping stone until it’s time for him to take on the role of underboss but a chance meeting with her could be the one thing he’d risk it all for.

She is exactly what he didn’t know he was looking for.

Jordyn Reese spends her time trying to stay under the radar of a man who wouldn’t think twice about killing her. Unwillingly affiliated with a dangerous MC gang, her life is dominated by the men surrounding her and her future rests solely in how useful she can be for them. The last thing she needs is some Mafioso gaining her more unwanted attention from the club.

He is everything she should stay away from but can’t.

Notoriously violent when it comes to getting what he wants, Lucian will stop at nothing to make the target on Jordyn’s back disappear. But sometimes the worst threats are the ones you can’t see until it’s too late. The truth behind Lucian’s history is about to take center stage in more ways than one, and it’ll either save him … or kill him.

This world leaves everyone a little filthy.

Filthy Marcellos, Book One


Filthy Marcellos: La Cosa Nostra is not just a choice of regime and routine, it’s a culture. Born as mafia royalty, the Marcello brothers were raised ingrained with the beliefs and rules of what it meant to be a Mafioso prince. It is for life. Their status is considered a given right. They will always be these people. They will always be Marcellos.

Val’s Review

3.5 Stars

This was a pretty solid mafia read that I really wish I had read two years ago.

“Two years ago” AKA…when the damned book actually came out.

Yeah, yeah…what can I say? I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.


Wait, wait, hold on….



I’m watching my boyfriend Chris Hemsworth in that Huntsman sequel/prequel thing and a sex scene moment pivotal to the understanding on the plot just came on.

Hmmmmmm, all done.

Yep, that’s right, I took one for the team.

For science.

But anyhotaustralianass, as I was saying.

I wish I had read this book two years ago.

Because two years ago, the the events of this books and the overall tone in general would have would have seemed darker…filthier…just more-ER.

But alas, after reading THIS series, THIS series, and THIS series?

THIS book just seemed so much more tame in comparison.

Regardless, it’s all relative and subjective, no?

This may seem darker than those other books in some people’s minds, after all.

That said, I did enjoy this one well enough and will most likely continue with the series at some point, especially being that it’s available via KU.