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Loving the White Liar by Kate Stewart

Loving the White Liar Book Cover Loving the White Liar
Kate Stewart
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
July 19th 2015

I met my true love when I was twenty-seven. He was handsome, charming, witty, and irresistible. Jayden Monroe came along when I was struggling with indecision and made things simple, turned monochrome into vivid color, and forever altered my perspective on life.

I was not naive enough to believe in happily ever after, but with Jayden, it seemed possible . . . until I realized something wasn’t quite right.

You see, I met a man who would be anyone I needed him to be, and after I found out that fact, I knew it would be impossible to walk away. His disorder, however, would change everything I ever thought about love and what it truly meant to accept someone for who they are.

This is not my sob story; this is his success story.

This is an ADHD love story and is for mature audiences only. This book contains explicit sex and strong language.

ARIANNA’s Review


“You never know how much strength you have until you are forced to push through the impossible. You never know how dirty things can get until you’ve been in the trenches. And you can never imagine how much you can truly love someone until you’ve experienced those hurts together and shared the shovel in digging your way out of the dark.“

I’ve never read anything by this author, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but reading the blurb and reading that one of the main characters suffers from ADHD I was more than intrigue. This was my first time reading about this disease and while I found this aspect of the story and the story itself intriguing, it was heartbreaking to read Hilary and Jay’s story.

At 27, Hilary is at a crossroads in life. She just quit her job as a waitress, a job who was supposed to be temporary. She never planned to waitress at the same place for four years, but time passed. Now she’s ready to figure out what she wants to do with her life and change her life for the better. At her apartment complex’s pool she meets Jayden Monroe, a gorgeous man who charms her from the very first moment. They start dating, they get close to each other and Hilary falls for Jay fast and hard. She never saw it coming, but Jay is perfect in her eyes and perfect for her, so she doesn’t care they have been together for a short time.

Everything seems to be perfect, until it isn’t.

”I’m not ever going to be under control. I’m not ever going to be easy to deal with. I’m not ever going to be that man.”

When Jay confess that he suffers from ADHD Hilary doesn’t run away. She doesn’t know what really means to be with someone with Jay’s condition, but she’s about to find out. He has mood swings, anxiety attacks, he’s impulsive, he suffers from depression, but Hilary is not ready to give up. She’s willing to fight for both of them, to be there for Jay and to help him no matter what.


Hilary was such a great heroine. She’s sweet and caring, but what I loved the most about her is how she loved Jay – with all her heart, unconditionally and also her patience. And I’m telling you, this woman had a lot of patience. It goes without saying that she was a strong heroine. Her strength was really admirable.

And Jay…


And he really was…and more. Seeing him struggling with everything broke my heart. He’s aware of the fact he’s different from other men and he knows is not easy for Hilary to be with him since he suffers from ADHD. He’s sweet and caring and overall he was a very endearing character.

The plot was interesting and honestly very different from what I expected from a story with this premise. The side characters are interesting, engaging and likeable as well. I enjoyed the sweet dates between Hilary and Jay at the beginning and I loved their banter. Their interactions felt real, honest and you can feel their infatuation and later their love for each other.


All in all “Loving the White Liar” was a fantastically written raw and honest story, with two main endearing and realistic characters, a beautiful love story and great writing.

“Sometimes the things we are so sure of can suddenly turn into things we have to let go of in order to land on the road we were meant to travel.“

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