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Lover by Marni Mann, Gia Riley

Lover Book Cover Lover
Marni Mann, Gia Riley
Fiction, Erotic Romance
June 8th 2017

The attraction was undeniable.
I couldn’t escape him.
I didn’t want to.
I was his.
He was mine.
But he wasn’t my husband.

My once treasured marriage was now flawed and imperfect.
By the time the guilt set in, it was too late.
Reality was trying to keep me away from my obsession.
My husband was that reality.
My obsession was West.

But West was forbidden. Taken. Married.
We were swingers.
It was the perfect arrangement.

Until I fell in love…
With West.

Maria’s Review

➦If the subject of swinging isn’t something you’d like to read about then you better stop right here.

➦And I’m not talking about that kind of swinging. ↑↑↑ lol Ok, assuming you’re just as perverted open minded as myself and you’re still reading this, I also have to go ahead and tell you there’s cheating in the book.

➦Guessed it, not that kind of cheating either. ↑↑↑ Are you still reading? Ok good, because there’s really nothing else you need to know. This book is crazy HOT and you’d be happy to know that there’s a happy ending.

➦But if I were to be serious here, which I, of course, can’t be, I would tell you that this book is angsty and has a pretty interesting plot. If you’re scared to pick it up because you think someone in the book is left broken-hearted and alone, do not worry, it all works out for the best! So might as well enjoy some delicious naughtiness! 😀