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Love Bitten (Vampire Blood Royals) by Sabrina C. Rose

Love Bitten Book Cover Love Bitten
Vampire Blood Series
Sabrina C.Rose
Paranormal ROmance
3rd January 2020
Yes, part of a series

He's Vampire. She's human. He thirsts for more than just her blood...


It was official. Karma had a vendetta against her.

The latest? Two scantily clad women were making their way up to her fiance's office in the middle of the night. On their anniversary.

If karma was too stubborn to do anything about it, she'd take matters into her own hands. And her revenge came in the form of a metal bat against her fiance's shiny new car.

Only, karma was plotting against her. It wasn't his car that she'd smashed into oblivion. It belonged to someone else. Someone whose dark emerald green eyes, livid face, and fierce stare left her breathless and quaking from more than just fear.


She should have come issued with a warning. Danger. Caution. Something.

Hell, he even missed the red flag when she'd smashed his car to pieces. But the way she gripped the rod between her fingers had him imagining her fingers digging into him while he drank her blood and pounded her into the sheets.

And the way her doe innocent eyes widened and full pouty lips gasped like she could read every filthy thought in his mind, only revved the beast inside of him.

Tracey’s Review

I’ve recently been on a paranormal reading kick and I came across the Love Bitten by Sabrina C. Rose and having not read her before I took a chance on this vampire/human romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the plot, characters and found myself engrossed in the book. It was a light read witty not too much drama while for me was great. The authors writing style was engaging and kept my attention.

So, if you like reading vampire romances that is packed with sassiness and comedy then this is the book for you.