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Letters to Molly (Maysen Jar #2) by Devney Perry

Letters to Molly Book Cover Letters to Molly
Maysen Jar #2
Devney Perry
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
June 18th, 2019

Molly and Finn Alcott had the picture-perfect marriage. With two gorgeous children, a lovely home and their own business, they were the couple others aspired to be. But when news of their divorce spreads through town like wildfire, it sends their beautiful image up in flames.

Molly spends years mending her broken heart. She finds joy in a life centered around her kids and career. Her happiness has a different picture now.

Then one day, she finds a letter in her mailbox. Written in Finn’s handwriting, dated over fifteen years ago, it’s a letter he wrote Molly after their first date.

Week after week, Finn’s letters appear. Each marks a date in their history. Each holds the confession of the man who still owns Molly’s heart. Each heals a wound from their past.

It’s just too bad Finn isn’t the one sending them.

Megan’s Review

“Some mistakes were unforgivable. Some mistakes came with a regret that lived like a monster in your soul.”

Letters to Molly was one of my highly anticipated reads for 2019; from the moment it was announced I could not wait to get my hands on a copy and devour it like I have every Devney book so far. To be honest I was quite nervous about Letters to Molly, because The Birthday List is one of my all-time favourite books and my expectations for the second installment of the Maysen Jar series was extremely high to say the least, but Letters to Molly lived up to everything I had hoped it would be and so much more.

Finn and Molly meet through Finn’s sister Poppy who also happens to be Molly’s best friend. They soon fall madly in love, get married and have two children. Marriage is never easy and it takes hard work to make it last, unfortunately for Molly and Finn though, they could not get past certain issues and therefore their love resulted in divorce. It was quite apparent though that while they have now been divorced for a number of years, their love for each other is still very much alight.

“I’ve been in love with you since I was twenty-one years old. I might not wear the ring, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it there.”

As hard as it is, Molly has moved on, and while she wholeheartedly loves Finn, she knows their relationship is over and they’ll never be together again. Molly receives a letter in the mailbox from Finn, which was written to her many years ago but never sent, until now. Finn wasn’t the one to send Molly those old letters and they both try to figure out who could possibly be sending them.

Things soon become uber complicated for Finn and Molly when they start to take their relationship from amicable and respect to sleeping together. Sex is one sure fire way to complicate any situation, especially when there is a life-time of history, it is near impossible for old feelings not to start to emerge once more, and it makes it really hard when you feel you’ve moved on with your life, to then have to deal with a multitude of old feelings and a love that perhaps you can’t move on from.

“I need to figure this out. I will figure this out. I promise. I’ll do better. I’ll do better for you and Kali and Max. I love you. You’re the center of my world. Just hold tight for a little bit longer.”

I absolutely loved Finn and Molly and wanted nothing more than to see them have their second chance at happiness. Their relationship has been rocky, to say the least, and nothing has been particularly easy, but I had faith that their love for each other would shine bright once more, despite all the heartache and pain they’ve endured.

Letters to Molly was a heartbreaking story that had my emotions running wild throughout. I am a huge fan of poignant second chance love stories and this one touched my heart and soul. From the moment I read the first line I was addicted and became fully immersed in Finn and Molly’s story until the end. I am a huge fan of Devney Perry and she seriously knocked it out of the park with this one; her writing was positively flawless and she captured the pain, heartache, the past and the present perfectly. If you love your second chance love stories than definitely one click Letters to Molly because this touching and engaging story deserves to be read by the world.