Contemporary Romance

Kiss and Tell by Athena Wright

Kiss and Tell Book Cover Kiss and Tell
Athena Wright
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
May 10th, 2019

Connor Moore is off-limits.

There’s absolutely no way I’m giving in to his charm.

After all, I’d never be able to live with the rumors it would cause.

But despite myself, I’m drawn to his dark eyes, to the curve of his smile, to the wistfulness and pain in his voice when he talks about his past.

Connor’s slightest touch sets my skin aflame. My lips beg for his kiss. My body hungers for his.

He says no one has to know. He says he can keep us a secret.

I’ve worked too hard to jeopardize my reputation, but I want to believe him. Can I trust no one will find out?

After all, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell…