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Jake (Billionaire Series #3) by Juliette Jones

Jake Book Cover Jake
Billionaire Series, #3
Juliette Jones
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Juliette Jones
October 24th 2016

Jake Wolfe has a dark past and a criminal record. At the age of 27 he thinks it might be time to put all that behind him and make a fresh start. But when a strawberry-blond chef who looks like an angel serves him a slice of her warm apple pie, he notices an unmistakable bruise around her left eye and knows exactly what caused it. Can Jake handle this new obsession and control his lust long enough to save her without destroying her?

Sugar Malone spends every waking moment cooking, baking and working to make her new restaurant among the best in New York City. But when her mother’s fifth husband becomes abusive, she runs – literally – straight into the arms of the gorgeous dark-eyed stranger who could turn out to be either the devil or a saint. Is Jake Wolfe the dangerous convict she’s read about, or the white knight lover she never expected to find?

JAKE stars some of the same characters as the Billionaire series and Honey Girl but is a *safe*, sweet, sexy standalone. JAKE is an over-the-top alpha male fantasy. It contains insta-lust, insta-love, a cheesy, perfect happy ending and lots of hot sex. No cliffhangers, love triangles or cheating. Safety gang: this one's for you:)

ARIANNA’s review


This was my first read by this author and to be honest I really didn’t know what to expect. ‘Jake’ is the third installment in Juliette Jones’s series entitled “Billionaire Series”, can be read as a standalone and despite all the instas I quite enjoyed it. Juliette delivered a sweet and sexy tale with an endearing heroine and a sexy, alpha hero that will melt you in a puddle of goo.

Jake Wolfe is a successful business man with a dark past. He has a long list of criminal offenses, mostly minor things he did when he was younger. He used to be a player, mostly having just one-night-stands using women in one way or another. Right now, Jake’s live is a mess. He recently got convicted of insider trading and sentenced to three months of home detention, so all he wants is to clear his name and find out who framed him. Sugar knew what she wants to do with her life since she was just a little girl – baking pies and have her own business. Four months ago, she moved to New York with some of her savings and a loan from her grandma, dreaming to open a restaurant. Now, she has a successful restaurant, everyone wanting to taste her pies.

Jake and Sugar meet in Sugar’s restaurant, briefly interacting with each other, but they soon meet again when Sugar literally runs into Jake. She needs some saving and Jake is ready to do anything for her, even if she barely knows her.

“I’m a lonely, good-for-nothing sinner who’s finally seen God. I’m a love-struck deviant who’s finally found a purpose. I’m a hard-headed son of a bitch who finally understands what it means to have something to live for.”

The story was interesting, pretty well written with two endearing main characters I really liked reading about. Jake was an awesome hero. He was loyal and caring with his loved ones and with Sugar was simply wonderful – so sweet, thoughtful and protective. He was an awesome alpha-male with a big heart, I really liked as the story progressed, even if at times he was a little OTT. Sugar was a sweet, caring and overall a likeable heroine. I liked the way he accepted Jake exactly how he was and how sweet and considerate she was about his past. Jake and Sugar’s story was sexy as hell. I loved all the sexy times between them and also their passion.

What I would have wanted to be different was the little drama with Camille. I would have liked this aspect of the story to be more developed and I wouldn’t have minded the story to have a little more angst.

Overall, ‘Jake’ was well done, fast paced story with two endearing main characters and plenty of sweet and sexy moments.