PNR Romance

It’s You (It’s You #2) by Katy Regnery, K.P. Kelley

It's You Book Cover It's You
It's You #2
Katy Regnery, K.P. Kelley
Fiction, PNR
January 17th 2017

The thrilling conclusion of Katy Regnery’s first paranormal romance series!


To some, they’re just words signifying a fairytale ending.
For me, Jack Beauloup, they represent an unyielding desire:
Forever with Darcy Turner, the unexpected love of my life.
A love that has placed her human life in danger.

According to Pack Law, my binding is an abomination that must be severed.
It’s ignited a fiery hatred that I must confront and control.

But what is bound cannot be broken.
I will keep Darcy safe.
Even if it means giving up on my dreams.
Even if it means giving up my life.