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Hustler by Meghan Quinn, Jessica Prince

Hustler Book Cover Hustler
Meghan Quinn, Jessica Prince
Fiction, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
May 9th 2016

I make my living as a hustler, and I’m great at it.
I don’t have a single tell and I use that to my advantage to manipulate any situation.
I’ve always known what a person is about to do before they’ve even decided.

That is, until I met Penelope.
I can’t get a read on her, and what’s worse, she doesn’t want anything to do with me.
Which only makes me want her more.

Now I’m in for the hardest hustle of my life.
Somehow I have to convince her she belongs with me.
Good thing I’m always up for a challenge.

ARIANNA’s Review


‘Hustler’ was pure and simply awesome! A fantastic romantic comedy, this book was highly entertaining and I honestly devoured it from start to finish. I love romantic comedies and these two ladies delivered a great one that had just a little bit of everything – humor, steam and a sweet love story that will warm your heart with just a little pinch of angst and drama. If you are like me and enjoy a well written hate to love trope, then for sure you will like this sexy, little gem.

“I’ll call you Penelope once those pink lips of yours have been on every inch of my body, once you spread your legs for me, welcoming me into what I can only imagine is a sweet, tight pussy. Until then, you will remain as Miss Prescott.”

Our hero, Gavin is a professional poker player. He’s a hustler, a manwhore, a cocky bastard who knows what he wants and knows how good he is in bed. Gavin is famous, rich and has the perfect job for him – he works under the table at his best friend’s hotel and casino reading the gamblers and making sure they don’t cheat or count cards. Gavin loves being single. Of course he occasionally hooks-up with different women, but he believes relationships are not for him, so he tries avoid any kind of commitment. Knowing very well that love can destroy someone, he decided a long time ago that it’s better to stay away from it.

“If you think I’m capable of being eaten alive, you have a lot to learn. Trust me, I’m not someone you should fuck with.”

Penelope moved out in Vegas dreaming that one day she will be one of “La Magie du Cirque” ’s star. Gymnastics means everything to her, but there are times when she questions her decision to leave her home, because for three years she tried unsuccessfully to get a role. She works as a cocktail waitress which she doesn’t particularly enjoy, especially now since she’d been moved to work VIP.

From the moment Gavin lays his eyes on Penelope he just knows that she’s something special. She’s good looking, feisty and she seems the perfect challenge Gavin needs at the moment.

“I know what you’ve been wondering for a while, Gavin, I know what’s been going through that handsome head of yours.” (…) You want to know how deep I can take you, how it feels to be nine inches inside my throat while my tongue leisurely licks your balls. Don’t you?”

I really, really enjoyed this one! The pace was simply perfect and these two authors’ storytelling was delightful. I enjoyed very much how the steam and humor were balanced and I loved the two main characters. Penelope was that kind of heroine you will want to befriend from the beginning. I love her determination to achieve her dreams and I enjoyed her personality immensely. A feisty little thing, our heroine was really endearing. She gave as good as she got from the start, handling our smartass hero perfectly. A loving, devoted, strong-willed daughter, Penelope was simply fantastic!

Gavin was kind of a jerk…in the beginning. My Gawd, his cockiness was infuriating at times. I must admit some of his actions got on my nerves a little, but as the story unfolded we get to see a different Gavin who learns how to open his heart and learns how to be a better man.

“Everything about this kiss is intimate, lustful, and comforting. A kiss I’ve never experienced before.
What the fuck is happening to me?”

The little cat and mouse game between them, the push and pull were deliciously sexy and entertaining. I couldn’t get enough of these two! I also loved the sexual tension that escalated between them with every chapter. Needless to say, the sexy scenes were off the charts hot!
Their witty banter made ‘Hustler’ a very entertaining read for me. These two characters made me smile, giggle and even laugh out loud a couple of times and the mix of sweetness and sexiness were pretty perfect for this one to be a fantastic romantic comedy.

I loved all the supporting characters! All of them! They were fantastically portrayed, engaging and I would love to read their stories in the near future.

All in all, ‘Hustler’ was a fun, sexy romantic read that will keep you entertained from start to finish with its great, well developed plot, engaging main and supportive characters and humorous dialogue!