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Husband Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire #1) by T.S. Joyce

Husband Fur Hire Book Cover Husband Fur Hire
Bears Fur Hire #1
T.S. Joyce
Paranormal Romance
October 24, 2015

Elyse Abram is desperate. On the wrong side of a relationship with a man who has lost his mind, she’s making big changes, starting with being utterly done with love. But life on her Alaskan homestead is too hard to handle alone, so she’s got a plan. Hire a husband. No romance, no emotions, just a marriage certificate that will tie an able-bodied man to her. But when a strapping giant of a man shows up on her doorstep and gives her all the right answers, leaving romance off the table might prove harder than she thought. Too bad the growl in her new helpmate’s throat and his careful way with explanations have her thinking she’s stepped into something much bigger than she bargained for.

Dominant grizzly shifter, Ian Silver, has a job to do. One of the local werewolves is on a violent bender, and as a shifter enforcer, Ian has an order to put him down. But when his mark begs him to check on the woman he hurt, Ian can’t help his curiosity. One meeting with Elyse and his shock nearly doubles him over. A husband for hire? Hell no. Forget his protective instincts and his inability to stay away from the beguiling woman. He would make a terrible mate and besides…what Elyse doesn’t know about him could kill her.

A full-length first book in T. S. Joyce’s brand new Bears Fur Hire series.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Val’s Review

4 Alaskan Grizzly Shifter Stars

So I’m about a week or so late in reviewing this.

And before I get started, I should probably just go ahead and call myself out by saying:

This “review” is going to suck.


I have been feeling very, VERY lazy lately.

I think I did too much “socializing” last weekend.
And now my introvert ass is in recovery mode.


For realz though.



Book reviewing has also seemed to fall under the category of “things that require too much effort for Val to tackle” this week.

I keep trying to unlock my “get up and go,” but alas, I have been met with not so stellar results.



I felt like this series, especially book one, deserved at least a little somethin’ somethin’ so here we are.

I apologize beforehand. Like I said, the brain cylinders are not firing correctly at the moment.


This book:

1) Takes place in Alaska

This is one of my favorite settings to read about.

It’s cold.


It’s dark/light practically all the time depending on the time of year.


Towns can be super “off-grid.”


And there is wildlife – LEGIT wildlife – EVERYWHERE.


Thus, I love reading about this place because:

a) It’s so different from where I live.
b) I feel like this gives characters license to be super fucking weird for no other reason than ALASKA.

2) It’s about shifters…grizzly shifters

If you follow my reviews at all, then you know that I LOVE shifter books.

They are my PNR kryptonite.

And this one was about Alaskan grizzly bear shifters.


Now, I have read books about bear shifters before, but this series just seemed to grab me more than others.

For one, you can tell the author really did their homework on Grizzly bears as there is a lot of cool information on them.

Also, the bear shifters in this book REALLY adhere to legit bear behavior.

For example, the main character in this book, Ian, is a bear shifter with two other brothers (they are triplets); however, the brothers can’t spend that much time together as adults because their “bear sides” are just too dominant and they find it difficult to be around each other.

The main behavior this adheres to though?


Obviously, bears hibernate, and so does our main character here.

I can’t recall others bear shifter romances (that I have read, anyway) mentioning the characters dealing with hibernation.

Thus, this made for a really interesting added element in this story that I think set it apart from other bear shifter romances.

I guess you could say it was different than your average bear shifter romance.


LOL, wow that was stupid.

Anybadjoke, I like the hibernation factor.

3) Arranged Marriage Scenario

After a hugely failed relationship and a broken heart, the main female character here, Elyse, decides she needs a practical, no nonsense relationship with someone who will help her out on her homestead.

Thus, she puts out an ad asking for a husband – thus the whole “husband fur hire” title. Ian unknowingly answers this…call and our story goes from their.

I really liked Elyse. She is an “off the grid” homesteader who works her ass off.

Now, I can’t say that I “related” to her in THAT aspect, as the thought of living without Taco Bell, Netflix, and internet access makes me want to curl up in the fetal position.


But I related to her in the sense that she was a tough cookie who focused on the practicalities of life.


Anyway, I’ve said this before and I will say this again, me loves the arranged marriage trope and I always will.

So you add that, the setting, the bear shifter/hibernation element, the great writing, and the palpable connection between the H and the h?

And you have a happy Val.


So if you like all that shit too, you will probably like this book too.