4 starsNew Adult

Hooked on the Game (Sterling Shore #1) by C.M. Owens

Hooked on the Game Book Cover Hooked on the Game
Sterling Shore #1
C.M. Owens
Fiction, New Adult
May 14th 2014

Everyone has secrets that define them, a past that has shaped them, and a game they play - whether they know it or not.

Despite the fact they live next door to each other, Kade and Raya have never made an effort to speak, until a wild party, four frat boys, and... a bulldozer.

Sterling Shore was supposed to be a new start for eighteen-year-old Raya Capperton. Everything was working out perfectly until her two roommates were expelled for a prank, leaving Raya with the house she couldn't afford on her own. Fate intervenes before she has the chance to find a new home, but she struggles to decide if it's divine luck or the devil's cruel sense of humour.

Twenty-one-year-old Kade Colton has his life planned out, and everything he does is an elaborate game to aid him with his future endeavors. Coming from money has made Kade's life easy, but he wants to build his own name - his own future. The thing he doesn't realize... when you only put forth superficial effort, you only acquire superficial friends.

Raya is torn between being amused or disturbed by Kade and his philosophy, but the drive behind his determination isn't what Raya expected. Little by little, her hatred fades and is replaced by emotions she never would have believed she could have for the rich jerk she desperately doesn't want to care about. Too bad you can't force yourself not to care.

The problem is... Kade's shiny name can't be tarnished, and Raya has a jaded tie she can't cut loose. Nothing about them can work, nothing about them makes sense, but nothing can seem to stop them from trying.

Val’s Review

4 Stars – Which Should Have Been Five Stars, But Oh Well

This was fucking AMAZING.

Seriously though, I devoured the first 80% of this thing CERTAIN this book would end up landing on my “Top Favorites of All Time” list, I was enjoying it so much.

It was awesome.

And headed down Five Star Highway.


But then the wheels fell off the bus and we took the most unexpected- and fucking ridiculous – detour ever.


Seriously though, the two “twists” at the end were not in line with the rest of the book, in my opinion.

The tone was different, the pace was different…it just didn’t match.





So, SO, STUPID, people.

In fact, so stupid, it almost derailed the entire book for me.

But luckily, the first 80% was good enough to make the ridiculousness of 80-95% less painful.

So I will pretend it never happened and move on.