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Heartstrings (Chronicles of Ylandre #4) by Eressë

Heartstrings Book Cover Heartstrings
Chronicles of Ylandre #4
Fiction, M/M Romance
July 2, 2012

When all else comes to naught, a steadfast heart is the only thing that stands between hope and despair.

Scions of the most powerful House in Ylandre, Ashrian Mithani and Eiren Sarvan were more than just cousins. Lovers of long standing, theirs was a bond that would have been the envy of all were it not for one glaring flaw—Ashrian’s inability to commit himself wholeheartedly to Eiren. Despite the dismay of some and the derision of others, Eiren bore his inconstancy, displaying a loyalty Ashrian seemed incapable of returning. That is, until Ashrian crossed a line and the transgression proved one Eiren could not forgive.

In the wake of grief and remorse, Ashrian seeks to make amends and win Eiren back. But something stands in his way. Or rather someone. And the irony of it all is that Ashrian can neither hate nor help befriending the Deir who is his rival for the heart of Ylandre’s most beloved physician.

Contains hermaphroditism and explicit homoerotic sexual encounters.


3.5-3.75 Stars

***Spoilers Abound – Enter at Own Risk***

So this is probably my least favorite of the series so far, because, whelp…


And not only cheating, but Ash-banging-someone-Eiren-can’t-fucking-stand cheating.


Holy effin’ burn, peeps.

There, there, Val. There, there.

Now, normally this is a deal breaker for me – of epic proportions; however, in this case:

1) I was so invested in the series and the characters that I just had to continue.

2) For whatever reason, cheating doesn’t bother me AS MUCH in m/m as it does in m/f. I am not sure why this is the case. It doesn’t make sense to me either. But whatevs, it is what it is.

So there’s that.

Then, AFTER said cheating, Eiren leaves for a while and comes back.


To someone ELSE.


And as though that isn’t enough, the new guy is a righteous dude and everyone loves him. Even Ash.

So you can’t even have the satisfaction of hating the guy.


Some other righteously annoying shenanigans ensue – think death and STDs.


But hey, at least I got some really good groveling and an HEA.

And I still love the series.