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Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling #12) by Nalini Singh

Heart of Obsidian Book Cover Heart of Obsidian
Psy-Changeling #12
Nalini Singh
Fiction, Paranormal Romance
June 4, 2013

Step into New York Times bestseller Nalini Singh’s explosive and shockingly passionate Psy-Changeling world…

A dangerous, volatile rebel, hands stained bloodred.
A woman whose very existence has been erased.
A love story so dark, it may shatter the world itself.
A deadly price that must be paid.
The day of reckoning is here.

From “the alpha author of paranormal romance” (Booklist) comes the most highly anticipated novel of her career—one that blurs the line between madness and genius, between subjugation and liberation, between the living and the dead.


Val’s Review


That’s all that could come to mind as I read this. I have read every book in this series and have appreciated some more than others – the “others” I didn’t love as much being those that didn’t focus on a changeling as at least one of the main two characters. I’m not sure why, but I always found the chapters that focused on the Psy Council and related issues to be somewhat boring in comparison to the excitement and earthiness of the changeling world and characters? I’m not sure. Needless to say, when I read the blurb about this book – as secretive and mysterious as it was – I had a feeling it would be all Psy–and it was.

This made me nervous that I would not be into this one; however, I absolutely LOVED this book. I found it a little slow at the start, but once it got going, it was awesome. Nalini Singh can truly weave a story. Her Psy-Changeling world is such a magnificent construct and it all culminates in this installment. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, so I’ll keep it short, but if you love this series you will love this book, the two main characters, and their journey. I am wondering if she will do anything more with it. She left potential for more…