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Heart of Glass (Fostering Love #3) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Heart of Glass Book Cover Heart of Glass
Fostering Love Series #3
Nicole Jacquelyn
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
July 10th 2018

The next standalone novel from Nicole Jacquelyn about love, friendship, and forgiveness.
Henry Harris was living his dream as a staff sergeant in the Marines. When he's killed in action, his devastated family is in for one more shock: he had a daughter they never knew about.
Morgan Riley has been raising Etta on her own, and that's always been fine by her - until Henry's brother Trevor arrives on her doorstep, willing to do anything to help and make up for his brother's mistakes. Their attraction feels wrong, but Morgan can't seem to turn him away.
Trevor is suddenly in too deep. He has always wanted a family, but Etta and Morgan come with complications. Yet as Etta brings them closer together, Trevor begins to imagine giving Morgan and Etta the life his brother never could. But he wonders if Morgan will ever learn to trust another man with her heart, especially a man whose last name is Harris.

Val’s Review


3.5 Stars

Books one and two in this series (but especially book one) have become some of my favorite books of all time. All time, people.

ESPECIALLY book one. Oops, I said that already…but anyway…

Book one blew me away with the story, the character depth and complexity, the character to character interactions, and – above all – the supreme level of delicious angst.

Book two did not quite tip the angst scales as much as book one, but still…It had me at hello.

Book three was entertaining enough, but I’ll be frank: it just didn’t have me spellbound like the previous two books. There was pretty much ZERO angst and what angst was present…? Took place mostly between Trevor and his mother and not Morgan aka the love interest….Eh.

So yeah, this one just didn’t have me clamoring to turn the page like the previous two books. Plus, although Trevor and Morgan had amazing chemistry, I wanted MORE of them. They spend the majority of the book apart and they fall in love over the course of what seemed like only a handle of interactions which lasted mere days in length each.

It’s actually a huge credit to Jacquleyn’s writing skill that she was able to make me believe in the bond between these two what with how little they really did interact. In person. On page.

Speaking of Jacquelyn’s writing skill, I am unendingly impressed by her talent. For real. Her stories are just so fucking good. And it’s not just the plots and the characters, it’s the quality and depth of them. Jacquelyn has her finger on the pulse of what is the human condition for so many. She writes layered characters that are realistically fraught with emotional baggage and scars and sometimes you want to punch them in the face while still rooting for them at the same time.

All that said, while this wasn’t my favorite of Jacqulelyn’s books, in my opinion, it’s still head and shoulders above the vast majority of books out there in this genre.

In short, I enjoyed it immensely and will read this series for as long as Jacquleyn writes it and I will read whatever she writes for as long as she writes, period.