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Hate You (Rebel Ink #1) by Tracy Lorraine

Hate You Book Cover Hate You
Rebel Ink
Tracy Lorraine
Contemporary Romance
April 23rd 2020

I loved to hate her...

She made it so easy. She was everything I wasn’t—everything I didn’t want to be.

A reminder that from the moment I was born, I was the outcast. The rebel.

I went against everything that was expected of me and created a life on my terms. I built my own empire, carved out my own destiny.

Then she shows up at my tattoo studio, representing everything I tried to escape. She expects to just fit in… like she ever could.

Tabitha Anderson.

The posh girl trying to prove everyone wrong... that she can be something else—someone else. She hates me because she knows I’m right.

Or so I think. Turns out this isn’t the first time we’ve met, and our hate has history. We have history.

I might not have remembered, but I damn sure won’t forget now. Won't forget how her smile is always directed at everyone but me.

If everything changes and she proves she does fit in, will it still be hate I’m feeling or something else entirely?

And if I’m wrong, then she’s right where she belongs... with me.

Tracey’s Review

It’s been a while since an author has gripped me with their work but Tracy Lorraine has done just that. Having read her Rosewood High series I knew I wanted more and Hate You gave me what I needed!

Hate You is a enemies to lovers romance that hooks you from the first argument between our main characters Tabitha and Zach!

The chemistry between these characters oozed from the pages, such much so that I felt my heart fluttering a littler faster.

I feel in love with Zach at the very first introduction, his broodiness, sexy ass captured my heart and his struggle to give in to his feelings for Tabitha had my palms sweating.

Tabitha is a girl after my own heart, not wanting to live the life her parents want she shows that she’s willing to fight for her freedom. She is strong willed and not shy from a fight or too.

Together they were amazing!

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting a fantastic enemies to lover romance. Tracy Lorraine has created characters that you will love and this series will surely going to be one of her best!