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Maria’s Weekend Recap: Gym Stalking and Shoe Shopping

Happy Monday and hope everyone is having a great start to this week.

How was YOUR weekend?

So I have been out of the gym for over three weeks now thanks to the dreaded snapping hip.

Anyone else have a hip problem?

So, instead I stalk my hubby while he works out and secretly record him.

Who doesn’t love man thighs……..

And then, of course, a trip to a store was in order to buy myself some comfy shoes.

And the choices were tough.

Louboutins for $450… or this other, perhaps, more affordable and comfortable option?

Picked the beauties on the right, obv.

On a more book related topic – we are working on some awesome things here with the girls.

And of course reading, always reading.

I’ll be reading/reviewing a couple of awesome ARCs this week:

 31374905  30974882  30364774

So stay tuned!

Feel free to share your feels about ANYTHING (sharing is caring!) in the comments below this post!

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