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From Ashes To Flames (A West Brothers Novel #1) by A.M. Hargrove

From Ashes To Flames Book Cover From Ashes To Flames
A West Brothers Novel #1
A.M. Hargrove
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
May 3rd 2018

This is a stand alone contemporary romance novel from the author of For The Love of English

I had it all—the dream job, a wonderful boyfriend, a fabulous life.
Or that’s what I thought.
Then my life took an unexpected turn and I found myself working as a nanny for the hot-tempered Dr. West.
He and his regimented spreadsheets and rude attitude were more than anyone should have to take.
If that jerkface thought he could order me around, he’d better think again.
Then one day I discovered his secrets, which explained why he acted the way he did.
I never expected my heart to soften towards him so much.
I never expected to have such sexy dreams about him.
Nor did I expect to want him the way I did.
But he was my boss, older than me, and off-limits.
And if I wasn’t careful, everything, including my heart, would go up in flames.

Jenny’s Review


I burned a slow death with this read. I am one of those readers that thrive on angst. Yet….. I’m one that Thrives on getting a happily ever after. Let me say this to you all, my heart is battered, beaten, and it is pounding with so much love right now. This book tore me apart with all the sadness, it shattered me with all the hurt, then it put me back together with the healing, it warmed me with the love, and it ultimately reminded me why I love this author’s writing. Hello angst.

I’ve read Ms. Hargrove’s books before, so I was excited to get my hands on this one and I definitely was not disappointed. I loved on her books that I’ve read before, and I have loved hard on this one too. Marin and Grey are an unexpected but beautifully lovable couple. Yes there is an age difference, did it bother me, no, not at all. Marin, a few times made my eyes roll, but at the same time, Grey made me want to slap the shit out of him. But the precious Kinsley & Aaron won my heart.

This story is about betrayal, moving on, healing, forgiving, and finding your forever love when you gave up on having anything to do with love at all. This story reminds us of living, growing, and leaving hatred behind in order to live peacefully. When life gives you a second chance, grab it, hold on, and don’t throw away life’s chances. Your once in a lifetime love comes only once ♥️

“You already have my heart. The materialistic stuff is nothing when you don’t have love.”