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Maria’s guide to picking wild mushrooms

Yesss! Friday is finally here! Hope everyone is ready for an awesome weekend!

Looking for something to read? Grab this bad boy right here:


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I just finished it yesterday and I have a review up for it here.

It. Was. Epic.

A modern day fairy tale with a prince who falls for a waitress. Surprisingly, it was super romantic and not too cheesy!

And I, of course, went with the audio version, well, cuz THE ACCENT.

The way he said FUCK. um. yeah.

Your majesty, can I clean your shoes…?


So get yourself some Prince Charming, would ya? Or don’t 😛

 Anywhooo… I live on the East Coast and we are getting abnormally warm weather. It’s the end of October and we are still in shorts.

So we’ve been going on a lot of hikes… On Monday we were walking through the woods and found some mushrooms.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

Yep, we totally picked them and cooked them.

I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but my mother in law said,

“Don’t worry, we used to cook wild mushrooms back in USSR all the time!”

Crazy Russians ^^^ By the way, I’m totally allowed to make fun of them because I’m one of them.

The only difference is that I have all my wits about me.

Anyway, who am I to argue with the mushroom experts?

We cooked them. We ate them. And my 5 year old son was the only smart one in this crazy house.

I believe what he said was, “I only eat mushrooms on Tuesday nights!”

It wasn’t a Tuesday night, so we should have listened to the words of the wise one.

So the next day, all of us (and by the way, we’ve also managed to feed 3 of our friends) made great friends with this guy


SO… needless to say, I will only be eating these bad boys for the rest of my life

I even know where to pick them. Yeah, your local supermarket.

And to make matters worse, my hubby came back from work next day telling me a horror story.

One of his co-workers had a cousin who loved picking wild mushrooms and he was such an expert.

Until one day he died from mushroom poisoning.

HE DIED, people!

Never again!

Have a good weekend everyone and stay away from the shrooms!

xoxo, Maria