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Frayed Silk by Ella Fields

Frayed Silk Book Cover Frayed Silk
Ella Fields
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
June 30th 2017

Our marriage wasn't just in trouble—mere threads were all that held it together.
What was once my perfect happily ever after had dissolved right before my eyes.
I can tell you when it started to happen.
What I can't tell you is why.
And after seven months of watching my husband turn into someone I didn't recognize, I'd given up hope in finding answers.

So I decided to break his heart
... and he did nothing to stop me.

Trigger warning: This book contains cheating and other sensitive subject matter.

Jenny’s Review

It has been a really long time where I’ve read a book in a span of hours. This book. Omg this book. It captivated me, it stole my life and held it hostage until the end. And man did I love it.

First things first, there is cheating, yes oh yes there is cheating. And if you know me, I hate, HATE, HaTe cheating, especially in real life. Books are a bit more tolerable but still… So this book was so very hard for me. And secondly, this author, how the hell is this her first book. It was damn near perfection. I’m in love with her writing!!!?

Leo and Dahlia are the perfect family, have the beautiful house, all the money in the world, perfect children, the love everyone dreams of, until they don’t……..

Their relationship changes, Leo works longer hours, avoids Lia, doesn’t touch, won’t kiss, won’t do anything romantic at all with his wife, barely has time for his kids, and is honestly quite the dick. But why? Dahlia can’t figure it out. After months of asking and being shut out, she’s done. She wants to feel wanted, loved, wants to laugh again.

In steps Jared. I never connected with Jared. I guess he was the ‘other’ man to me. But I just couldn’t connect. He seems like a nice man, sexy, charming, but i was always reserved when it came to him. He always treated Lia with care and I know he honestly liked her. Things start to heat up in their relationship and then BAM ?

Dahlia is a housewife, stay at home momma, and a lady everyone seems to know and like. She handles everything herself, doesn’t call on anyone for help in all aspects of her life. I loved her, I hated her, and I absolutely adored her.

This story rocked me. It consumed my world. This story shattered me, it wrecked me, and it put me back together. I can’t say what happens or how without giving anything away, but if you love a good love story, please read this one. It’s simply an amazing love story with a hard journey but one I am so very happy I took the chance on!!!?

“While I understand that some things can’t be repaired, they can always be remade into something better.”