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Forever and Never (Magnolia Cove, #2) by Ella Fields

Forever and Never Book Cover Forever and Never
Magnolia Cove, #2
Ella Fields
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
June 28th, 2019
No part of series

Lars Bradby was supposed to be my forever.
That was before we found out he would become a father at the tender age of eighteen.

For years, he’d watched me.
For months, he’d wanted me.
For weeks, he’d chased me.

Relentless and infuriating, he turned my stubborn heart into something pliable and weak.
Sly and honest, he worked his way into my life as though he’d always planned to be the focal point of it.

In love and naive, even when our future seemed bleak, I believed in us.
Heartbroken and desperate, I tore my bleeding heart from my chest, wanting only the best for him.

In doing so, our forever wasn’t just interrupted. It was chased away with one irreversible decision after another.
And now, we could no longer see it beneath the heaping piles of debris we’d left in our wake.

Megan’s Review

“Forever is a curse for a broken heart to nurse.”

Ella Fields has fast become one of my all time favourite authors as she always sucks me into the worlds she creates. I love everything she’s produced and Forever and Never is by no means an exception, in fact I couldn’t have loved this story anymore. I believe this is Ella’s best work yet and she has blown me away with her storytelling. This was one of my most highly anticipated reads and it did not disappoint with Ella’s flawless writing. I fell hard for the characters and the plot that drew me in from the start; I became completely immersed within this story and was so sad when the last word was read. This is one book I will do a re-read of at some point.

The road to love is not an easy road taken for Lars and Daphne, they come from two completely different worlds and while Lars has been in love with Daphne for as long as he can remember, Daphne hasn’t felt the same and never really gave him a second thought. That soon changes when Daphne begins to notice Lars too and an unbreakable connection is formed that Daphne cannot ignore. Things are not smooth sailing for the two of them and both their hearts will shatter, but only they have the power to heal their pain.

“It was forever, this love. And all I could do was submit.”

Forever and Never absolutely broke my heart, but in true Ella fashion, it was mended once more. This story is a gut wrenching, emotional and angsty romance that I became addicted to almost instantly and I was immersed into everything this story had to offer. Ella has written one epic masterpiece with Forever and Never. My heart was literally beating right out of my chest with every word I read and I can’t recommend it enough.