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Fight Dirty (Dawson Family #5) by Emily Goodwin

Fight Dirty Book Cover Fight Dirty
Dawson Family #5
Emily Goodwin
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
June 27th, 2019

Owen Dawson is one of Eastwood’s most eligible bachelors. He could have any woman he wants, but when it comes to settling down, he only has eyes for Charlie Williams, and he blew his chance with her years ago. While Owen is busy trying to convince everyone—and himself—that the playboy life is for him, Charlie is trying to put her life back together.

After discovering her fiancé was cheating on her, Charlie packs her bags, leaves her fancy New York job, and goes back to the one place she never thought she’d return to: home. Determined to start over and stay far, far away from men, the last thing Charlie needs in her life is her first love, Owen…and the old feelings that come rushing back the moment she lays eyes on him.

While Charlie swears to avoid romance of any kind, Owen is willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s a changed man and win Charlie back…even if it means fighting dirty.

Megan’s Review

Fighting Dirty by Emily Goodwin is only my second book by her, but I’m really enjoying her writing and the way she depicts stories so vividly. She has this talent to make me feel like I am watching everything unfold before my very eyes. I became really immersed within this story from the very start and Charlie and Owens tale of love really resonated with me. This was such a great slow burning second chance love story and it is not to be missed.

Charlie and Owen had such profound chemistry that literally sizzled and the tension was palpable. The one thing I love so much about second chance love stories is fate and destiny intercepting and bringing two people who are so clearly made for each together once more. I adored this couple and rooted for them the whole way through and I wanted nothing more than to see them get their long sought after HEA.

If you are looking for your next read to be funny, sexy, sweet, emotional and just the right amount of angst, then look no further than Fighting Dirty because this book ticked all the right boxes. I highly recommend checking out, not only this great book, but also this insanely talented writer.