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Fearless (Dartmoor #1) by Lauren Gilley

Fearless Book Cover Fearless
Dartmoor Series #1
Lauren Gilley
Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Romance
January 12, 2015

From the author of the Walker Series comes a family drama like no other, a sprawling character epic, a forbidden love story full of angst, adventure, heartbreak, and second chances. Welcome to the mother chapter of the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club; meet the girl raised by outlaws, and the fearsome man who will always hold her heart.

Ava Teague left for college with a busted heart and a deeply ingrained love for her biker family. She returns home to Knoxville for grad school, just in time for her father to accept the burden of president…and for Mercy Lécuyer to roll back into town, looking to patch into the Tennessee chapter once more. She’ll steer clear of him, she tells herself. She has a new life, a new boyfriend, and a new outlook. But she can’t shake her DNA. And maybe she doesn’t want to.

Felix Lécuyer left the swamps of Louisiana for a life as an outlaw biker named Mercy, but it was his family, and the retribution he dealt because of it, that made him famous within the club. Fourteen years ago he fled New Orleans for Knoxville, to become an extractor and bodyguard within the mother chapter, guarding Ghost Teague’s family, becoming a constant companion to little Ava. When she was seventeen, he finally crossed the line. Now she’s twenty-two, and he’s back in town as an old nemesis rears its ugly head, and puts the entire club in danger. The fate of the club is uncertain, but Mercy has no doubts about his heart; it still belongs to Ava.

Now available as a complete novel, Fearless launches a thrilling new series about the Lean Dogs of Tennessee, and the women tough enough to love them. Look for Book II, Price of Angels.

Val’s Review

What an excellent read.

I am very late to the Dartmoor party and there are so many other detailed and amazing reviews on this.

And I am not pretentious enough to think that I have any original commentary or thoughts to add, so I will keep this short.


Well, I’ll do my best at least. Ya’ll know how I have a tendency to tangent.
(Yes, I’m aware “tangent” is not a verb. Get on board with my slang, Son.)

So anythisisalreadygoingdownhill, long story short, I LOVE books like this.

Books where the connection between the H and the h stand the test of time and sometimes distance.

Where the story has nuanced details that draw you in and make you feel like you are a thread that’s part of a larger, multilayered tapestry.

Where you feel like Morgan Freeman is fucking narrating it from the bowels of some Hollywood sound booth.


This was like an MC Club War and Peace in terms of length and span.

In other words?

It was long as hell.


Now, could this thing have been a LOT shorter?

Can I think if some scenes, moments, or descriptions of antique lamps that could have been taken out to make this behemoth more streamlined?

Would I want that to happen?

FUCK no.

I would worry that editing out any perceived chaff from this book might result in the negation of some nuance or detail that added to the depth of the characters. The depth of the story.

That said, I am really looking forward to reading book two.

I plan on taking my time though – in theory at least.
I’m hoping I will be able to keep myself from bingeing on the remaining books and savor the series.

If only so I don’t end up like this:


I want to maybe leave my house at some point in the next couple days.

There is booze and ice cream to be purchased after all…then again, there is always GrubHub.

I wonder if they deliver Pinot Grigio…