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Fastest Girl in Town by Rebecca Sharp

Fastest Girl in Town Book Cover Fastest Girl in Town
Country Love
Rebecca Sharp
Contemporary Romance
March 2020

From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes a new action-packed romance between a stubborn cop and a race car driver that will handcuff your emotions and make your heart race...

Dani Lambert lives in the fast lane.
As the country’s most famous female NASCAR driver, she lives for pushing the pedal to the metal. With only weeks until the Daytona 500, one wrong turn and one missed bullet leave Dani narrowly escaping with her life. And when the shooter speeds off, Dani knows she can catch him…

She just needs to borrow a cop car to do it.

By default, Sheriff Brandon Stark doesn’t like people who break the law. Especially when their infractions involve stealing his patrol car. But liking someone has nothing to do with wanting them. And his duty to investigate has nothing to do with the way the feisty, fearless racer leaves him wanting.

Tracking down a killer should be a one-lane street, but Dani refuses to let the handsome policeman do all the work. As they chase down leads, the attraction between them revs into the red and soon desire is racing at break-neck speed with more than lives on the line.

To catch a killer, the good sheriff will learn his heart will break any law.
And the fastest girl in town will learn she can’t outrun love.

Tracey’s Review

It’s been a while since I have read a book that highlights or focuses on a strong independent woman operating in a dominated male industry, but Fastest Girl in Town by Dr. Rebecca Sharp definitely delivers. This book is beautifully written and showcases the author’s talent for writing characters that are unique but so relatable.

Fastest Girl in Town is the third book in the author’s Country Love collection and it is probably my favourite in the series, so far. The story follows Dani, a race car driver and Brandon, a straight-laced cop. They are the complete opposites of each other, but they complement each other’s character beautifully.

I loved Dani from the get go, she is a strong female character who isn’t afraid to say what she wants and isn’t frightened to do what she wants. She has the determination and passion to succeed as the best race car driver, which was amazing to read about.

Just as I loved Dani, our Sheriff Brandon melted this heart. This straight-laced cop is honest to his core and true to his beliefs. He has a huge heart, which you see when he interacts with the people that he loves. He is a true gentleman, who is ultimately looking for the right person to give his heart to, especially after what he experienced.

These characters together have a chemistry that is slow off the mark, which was nice to read as it allowed for their characters to develop and a friendship (of sorts) to be established before they gave their passion the green light.

I was expecting to get a sweet romance, which is what it is, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the twist and turns that the author gave us throughout the book. I thoroughly enjoyed Fastest Girl in Town and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for romance with a twist of adventure and a murderer!