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Falling Down by Eli Easton

Falling Down Book Cover Falling Down
Eli Easton
Fiction, M/M Romance
Pinkerton Road LLC
November 7th 2016

Josh finds himself homeless at eighteen, but he has a plan. He’ll head north on the bus to New England and spend October there for his mother’s sake. She always talked about going to see the fall leaves someday. And when the leaves are done and the harsh winter comes, Josh plans to find a place to curl up and let go. It will be a relief to finally stop fighting.

Mark spent his life trying to live up to the tough swagger of his older brothers until he pushed himself so far against his nature that he cracked. Now a former Marine, he rents a little cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where he can lick his wounds and figure out what to do with the rest of his life. One thing was clear: Mark was nobody’s hero.

Fate intervenes when Josh sets up camp under a covered bridge near Mark’s cabin. Mark recognizes the dead look in the young stranger’s eyes, and he feels compelled to do something about it. When Mark offers Josh a job, he never expects that he’ll be the one to fall.

The snow is coming soon. Can Mark convince Josh that the two of them can build a life together before the flurries begin?

Trigger Warning: Suicidal thoughts

ARIANNA’S review

Once again, Eli Easton delivered a sweet, sweet tale that warmed my heart. ‘Falling Down’ is a heartfelt story about finding hope and love and second chances at life, fantastically written and sucked me in from the start. I’m a big fan of this author and after reading the blurb I was more than curious to find out how these two characters’ journey to happiness would unfold.

“That’s the way I want you. Like I would crawl over hot coals to get to you. Like nothing would ever stop me from being with you—not if you wanted it too.”

Josh feels alone ever since his mother, the only person in the entire world who loved and cherished him, died. Josh is tired. He doesn’t want to feel anymore…to feel anything. He wants to find peace. He wants to die. He’s not afraid of dying, but he would have loved to know what it’s like to be loved by someone, by a man. Since he’d run away from his stepdad’s home three months ago, Josh is homeless, sleeping under the bridges or anywhere he can find a warm enough place. He still wants to do one thing he wanted to do together with his mother – to visit New England, to see the fall leaves.

Mark is a twenty-four years old former marine who, at the moment, doesn’t exactly know what he wants to do with his life. He is renting a cabin in Gainesville, New Hampshire, away from his family (since they don’t know that he’s gay), spending his days working as a painter. Painting helps him forget – forget that he wasn’t strong enough to serve his country more, forget about his nightmares at night, forget that he’s a disappointment to…everyone, that he’s a f@ck-up.

Mark “meets” Josh when he finds him sleeping under a bridge near his cabin. He gives Josh a sleeping bag, a breakfast in the morning and offers him a job – to work for him and also a place to live on the sunporch. From whatever reason, Mark feels drawn to Josh. He figures out immediately that Josh is homeless and all he wants to do is to help him in any way he can. The two of them start a tentative friendship that slowly blossoms into so much more.

“No matter if Josh lived ’til he was ninety or found his peace in the snow, he would love Mark ’til the end. He was suddenly so grateful to have experienced that.”

This heartfelt romance, despite some dark-ish undertones, was pure and simply wonderful! Both Josh and Mark were great, endearing characters I felt for from the very beginning. I liked their portrayal and how both of them had so much depth. My heart broke for Josh. He was such a lost soul and I wanted to give him a big hug so badly at times. As the story unfolds we get to meet another Josh, not the depressed and weak one but a sweet, caring, kind one. Mark was simply great with Josh. I loved how sweet and caring he was with him from the start and I absolutely loved his kindness, compassion and tenderness.

I also loved how these two characters’ relationship progressed, how they first became friends, then later something more… how they got to know each other and also their interactions. Needless to say, I loved their friendship and also how they got to trust each other. Their slow burn relationship was fantastically done. This book is not very steamy, but I enjoyed all the sexy scenes as the story unfolded.

All of the supporting characters were awesome and engaging and I wouldn’t mind reading more about some of them.

All in all, ‘Falling Down’ was another great read by Eli Easton – sweet, sexy, with just a little bit of angst and drama to keep you intrigued from start to finish. If you are looking for a slow burn romance with a hurt/comfort/healing storyline, then you have to try this lovely read!