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Faking it All (Hellfire Riders MC, #10) by Kati Wilde

Faking it All Book Cover Faking it All
Hellfire Riders MC #10
Kati Wilde
Fiction, Erotic Romance, Motorcycle Romance
March 29, 2017

Everything about me is fake…

I’m a small-town nobody named Olivia Burke, but I look exactly like a Hollywood somebody—that somebody being Keri Bishop, one of the most famous movie stars in the world. Now a threat against her life is going to change mine, freeing me and my little sister from my stepfather’s abusive control. All I have to do is pretend to be the actress until the danger is eliminated. I won’t even be in the public eye; I’ll be hidden away in a remote location owned by the Hellfire Riders—a motorcycle club hired by Keri’s husband to guard me—and under the personal protection of a sexy, lethal biker named Duke.

…except how fast I’m falling for him.

I can’t tell anyone who I really am—not even the man protecting me. His stormy gaze threatens to pierce the glamorous mask I’m wearing, but if Duke discovers the truth, I’ll destroy my chance to escape the hell I’ve been living in. Yet I don’t know how long I can keep this secret. Because Duke’s got demons of his own, and I’m desperate to soothe his tormented soul with my soft touch, with a lingering kiss. But I’m impersonating a married woman. And if I slip up even once, I risk losing everyone I love…

Starting with Duke, when he finds out how badly I’ve deceived him.

Val’s Review

4 Stars

This is an awesome addition to a solid series.

I have some serious ish going on at home right now.
So this is going to be a short review, sorry.

This is one of my most-loved MC series.
It’s not as “realistic” or as… “gritty” as some other MC books out there…

But homie don’t care.
I love it.


Kati Wilde writes solid characters with solid connections and I always like her plots.

For those questioning if this could be read as a standalone…sure, I suppose it could be, although I personally think it’s always more enjoyable to read things in order, especially if the earlier books are worth it.

In this series, books 1-3 focus on one couple, Saxon (who is scrumptious by the way) and Jenny.
Books 4-6 focus on Blowback (who is even scrumptious-er) and Zoomie (who is badass).

After that, the other books all focus on single book couples (all of whom are introduced throughout books 1-6 and so forth).

All worth it.

In general, I just really like the world Wilde has created in this series.

Even though I said above that it’s not as “realistic” and “gritty” as some other MC series out there (think Susan Kill-Them-Off-and-Make-You-Cry Fanetti), this club is still the Real Deal.

Some of their members have legit military backgrounds and so when they do shit, they DO shit.



So many times, authors make MC club too…soft in certain ways (Looking at you…as much as I love you.)

So it’s always refreshing when authors have a little bit of believable tactical badassery.

Anyway, I personally love this series and really enjoyed this addition to it.