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Exquisite Redemption (Iron Horse MC #3) by Ann Mayburn

Exquisite Redemption Book Cover Exquisite Redemption
Iron Horse MC #3
Ann Mayburn
Fiction, Erotic Romance
December 3rd 2015

~This book CAN be read as a standalone, but for full enjoyment of the series read it in order~


In my wild, reckless past Carlos ‘Beach’ Rodriguez would have been my ideal man. He’s handsome, experienced, rich, kind, and in complete control of his destiny. Unfortunately he’s also a criminal, the President of an outlaw motorcycle club, and I’ve sworn off bad boys in my efforts to live my dream of being normal. It would be so much easier to resist him if he hadn’t saved my life more than once and didn't treat me like his queen.


Gorgeous, smart, and deadly, Sarah is my ideal woman, even if she is almost young enough to be my daughter. On the surface she’s one of the toughest females I’ve ever met, but underneath all that hard beauty and menace lies an incredibly tender heart that’s been damaged in the past. Winning her love is gonna be a challenge, but I’m determined to have her as my old lady and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make that happen. That would be a hell of a lot easier to do if people weren’t trying to kill us all the time.

**Author's note- This is part ONE of TWO for Beach and Sarah's story and ends on a Happy For Now. Book TWO of Beach and Sarah's story will be available March 3rd, 2016.**

Val’s Review

Fuck it, 5 Big Ones

So it’s been irritating me that I haven’t really reviewedreviewed the last few books I’ve read, including this entire smutastic fuck fest of an MC/BDSM/survivalist/religious cult shit show of awesome sauce series.

Say THAT^^^ five times fast.

I have been saying to myself, “Self, you are SOOOOO far behind!”


And then I realized…


Seriously though, apparently I felt all “behind the collegiate curve” there for a minute and then also realized…


And has been – for ME – for like…well, a really long fucking time.


Moving on, I realized “oh well.”

Sometimes you just don’t feel like reviewing, right?

But I didn’t want to leave this series with nothing, because I SERIOUSLY enjoyed it.

So here is my verbal diarrhea of a review for books one through four.

I apologize for the lame beforehand.



I am trying to think of a way to explain this series.

It was centered around an MC Club and, while I wouldn’t call this the “grittiest” MC series I’ve ever read, it was also no Kristen Ashley rainbows and glitter-ridden Chaos either – as much as I lurve that.

So there’s that.

There was also some BDSM element to all the books – both main H characters are dominant-esque; however, I would definitely classify this as BDSM-lite.

There was also the whole added element of the two h’s of the series being twins.

With one being a high-functioning autistic.


Ooooooo, curve ball #1.

Add to that the element was their super crazy weird upbringing – mom is a con artist and dad is a crazy former Special Forces turned uber “off the grid” survivalist – however, they were raised separate as mom jacked twin one and when on the lamb, leaving twin two with pop.


Annnnd, curve ball #2.

Tangent: Actually, that last one is a rise ball. And that’s Jenny Finch, for those interested. She was a pitcher for the USA team. And I used to play against her back in the good old club softball days…Pretty sure I saw this pitch fly by me…followed shortly by the umpire yelling “strike,” but whatevs!

Oh, and here’s where I should probably mention that the first one wasn’t a curve either. It was actually a drop pitch. But curve ball sounds WAAAAAAY better.

And like my Granny always said: “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

AnyShamelessNameDrop, back to the book.

Confused yet?




Needless to say, this series had all the ingredients to be a shit show of epic proportions.

And, quite frankly, it is and will be a total shit show for some.

Personally though?

It just worked for me and I loved the series more and more the further I got into it.

I loved all the main characters.

And, most importantly?

I truly felt the bone deep connection between both leading couples – an element that, when it clicks for me, can make me overlook a LOT of other things that might drive me crazy.

Seriously, a couple’s connection and the draw I feel between them is perhaps the most IMPORTANT element of ANY book for me.

Well, this series had it for me in spades.

And, after all, that’s why we read romance, right?


I started book one of this series yesterday afternoon…and was up all night devouring the rest of the series. So here we are after the completion of book 4.

And book 5 can’t come out soon enough.