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Enough (Jericho Brotherhood #1) by Jade Chandler

➦No rating. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the book. I know it’s time to drop it when I start skimming at 15% in. I’m sure there is a plot to the book and some steamy scenes but the writing style wasn’t for me.

➦My biggest problem was that more often than not the book read like someone’s journal. What I mean by that is that a lot of info was dumped on me but not in a very engaging way. I would have preferred to learn that information through character interaction (would have loved some banter!) I love when the two main characters get to know bits and pieces about each other before they jump into bed. These two here were not very exciting for me. He was determined to have her and she just avoided him. And there wasn’t much dialogue in between.

➦The writing went something like this (this is not a quote):

I went to she shop and found that she was gone. I hung around with the guys and then went to her apartment and waited on the steps. Then she came home and saw me. She stood there with shopping bags so I took them.

➦It just felt like someone was writing about their day in a journal. (I woke up, brushed my teeth…)

➦The book is told from dual POV and there was an instance of the same scene being told from both POVs. I find that totally unnecessary. It just slows the pace of the book down and in this case it felt like word filler.

➦And then I stumbled upon the sexual daydream fantasy the heroine was having about the hero. Personally, I don’t like that. If you are building anticipation… this is kinda ruining it. I skipped it because it was paragraph after paragraph of explicit sex… which I wanted to be “real” I guess. I mean, I’m all for them dreaming, sure drop a line or two here and there… but multiple paragraphs? Why wait for the mcs to even get together if you can just read their fantasies and be done with it. Anyways, that’s around the time I stopped.

➦And perhaps I should add that I am not a big lover of motorcycle novels, I have only tried the Motorcycle man by KA and I didn’t like it at all. It might be the whole “let me push you around some, pin you choke you, do you love me yet, baby?” that turns me off. The hero in this book left me unimpressed (from what I’ve read about him, anyway)

“Tonight, she’ll be under me in bed – that wasn’t optional.”

➦Like hell it wasn’t >.< I don’t know, this just isn’t a book for me, I suppose…