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Drifter (Commander in Briefs #3) by Kristy Marie

Drifter Book Cover Drifter
Commander in Briefs #3
Kristy Marie
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
January 21st, 2019


Pretty things don’t distract me. In my line of work, a distraction will get you caught. Or in my case, blackmailed. But this isn’t the only time I’ve been hustled, and soon Connor Hayes will learn that men are only pawns in my end game. I don’t love. I hate. Even a pretty boy like him.


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Except when they are five-foot-seven and hotter than my exhaust pipe. So, I blackmailed her. It was either that or turn her in. And if anyone was going to put her in handcuffs, it was going to be me. Bianca Morgan stole the only woman I’ve ever loved. It’s only fair she replace her.


“I think strong women show their strength by being vulnerable at the right times”.

I’m a bit late to the Kristy Marie bandwagon, but better late than never, right? I’m just so disappointed it has taken me so long to read the Commander in Briefs series because I absolutely adored Drifter; the writing was flawless, the characters were relatable, they were everything I had hoped they’d be and more. The story captivated me instantly as it set the scene for something more than I could’ve ever hoped for. If you, like me, are yet to discover the literary genius of Kristy Marie then you need to one click this one now.

Bianca… now there is one kickass heroine that I could not help but fall head over heels in love with. Her growth throughout this story was truly awe-inspiring and while she may have done some questionable things in her time, once you truly know and understand her, you learn to forgive. The more I learnt, the more I adored. She was positively remarkable and I can’t recall the last heroine I have read where I felt this immense adoration for.

Connor Hayes was a charming and sexy ex-marine who, while at times appeared to be an overly confident playboy with a dirty mouth, he could also be the sweetest man to ever grace this earth. I was instantly drawn to him and all the layers that I had the privilege of discovering. The many facets of his character brought so much to this story and I was positively swooning over Connor in a big way.

I don’t think Connor was prepared for the challenge he encountered when it came to Bianca. She was an incredibly strong and independent woman, who had been hurt immensely and as a result, had built up walls in order to protect herself, but as time rolled on, it was amazing to witness the walls she had built slowly, but surely breakaway. The chemistry between Connor and Bianca was truly electrifying and the anticipation, the will, the determination and a true sense of ‘meant to be’, made for the most captivating read.

Drifter made me laugh, cry, become anxious and endlessly happy all at the same time. I won’t even try to articulate all the reasons why I loved Drifter, so just do yourself a favor and one click this treasure. A story of finding true love while trying to find your own self-worth is no easy feat, but with the right ex-marine, the journey is worth the fight.