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Down To You (Sixth Street Bands #5) by Jayne Frost

Down To You Book Cover Down To You
Sixth Street Bands #5
Jayne Frost
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
September 4th, 2018

She started from perfect. A star who shone brighter than the rest.
But then fate took it all away.
Now she's broken.
A beautiful song with a fractured beat.

But I'm still on the rise.
Chasing a dream that she's already left behind.
If I'm lucky, I can find my redemption in the spotlight.

Destiny brought us together.
Put her in my path.

It started with a road trip. But somewhere along the line, it became a journey from here to there.

Maybe she can help me.
Maybe we can help each other.
Maybe music is enough.

Every story deserves a soundtrack.
And ours is epic.

Down To You is a standalone, rockstar romance within the Sixth Street Bands Series. 18+ for adult situations.

Megan’s Review

“And when you asked for light, I set myself on fire.”
-Chris Cornell

When I lose myself in a rockstar romance, especially one written by my favorite rockstar writer Jayne Frost, I know I will love this story forever. I am a huge lover of music, especially 90’s grunge, which of course means we are talking Seattle. Chris Cornell is my favorite Seattle rocker ever and it only seemed fitting that I opened my review with the same quote Jayne used to open her latest rockstar romance Down To You. I have been waiting with bated breath for Logan’s story ever since I found out Jayne was busily writing this highly anticipated addition to the Sixth Street Band series and let me assure you, it did not disappoint. I say with a hundred percent honesty that this story will positively knock your socks off.

Logan… well what can I possibly say about this Rock God? He was just everything I had hoped he would be and more. Every time he winked at someone of the female persuasion and called her ‘darlin,’ I literally went weak in the knees and my body turned to mush, I loved it. While I was reading, especially during the sections from Logan’s POV, I had the Texan accent down pat in my mind. I have a real soft spot for southern American accents and the writing was so believable that I could actually imagine Logan speaking to me with his sexy Texan drawl.

Logan is such a beautifully tortured soul, who has a heart of gold, who is compassionate and always thinks about others before himself. What he shows to the outside world doesn’t even come close to his truly amazing persona. The more I read and learnt about him, the more I fell in love with him and wanted nothing more than to wrap him in cotton wool to protect him from the world.

“The man was gorgeous. He shone like the moon. A light in all the darkness that swirled around him. And there was darkness. But it didn’t consume him. Just danced along the edges, framing him in shadow.”

Logan has not had the easiest of lives in his short twenty eight years. He has been through some pretty major stuff, but you know what, his courage and bravery is nothing short of inspiring and while he may come off at times as a little rough around the edges, he truly is one of the good guys.

I actually loved Tori, aka Princess, which is what Logan would refer to her as. I had her pegged as an over the top intense control freak, but I’m not too proud to admit when I’m wrong. While Logan is absolutely a rockstar in his own right, it really was nothing compared to the fame Tori had amassed; she was on top of the fame hierarchy, born to be a star, but fate had other ideas for Tori. Unfortunately due to a tragic turn of events she is left broken and a shell of the person she once was. Her heart that once beat so loud for music is now shattered beyond recognition.

“All that righteous indignation faded, and I saw her. The real Tori. Sad and strong, and beautifully broken.”

While Tori and Logan are so different in some ways, in others they are very much the same. Both have suffered immense heartbreak and pain and have struggled through their lives thus far. To state that Logan and Tori had a rocky start to their relationship would be stating the obvious, they didn’t really see eye to eye and kind of got on each other’s nerves, but it sure did make for one sexually driven and angst ridden read.

The sexual tension between the two was palpable and even though they may have been frustrated with each other at times, they had this unique pull that was perhaps destiny’s way of making sure the stars aligned and that they have finally found their forever person. An impromptu road trip brought them together, but it may have been fates way of showing them that true love really does exist and that maybe together they can start to heal their fractured hearts; that love and music really is enough.

Music is so powerful; it can hit you hard. Music can be a constant reminder of your happiest times, your saddest times, your greatest triumph and your greatest heartache. Music has the ability to move you and say things words can never express and the thing I love most about Jayne is her love for music and her true understanding of the rockstar life. In my opinion there is no one better I can think of to write an epic rockstar romance. Her writing is flawless, her characters well developed with an intriguing backstory and a plot that just keeps you captivated right up until the very last word is read. I could not recommend Down To You enough. It is definitely not just for music lovers, but to anyone who loves being immersed in a great story that will take you on an amazing journey.

“Every story deserves a soundtrack.
And ours is epic.”

Beta copy received by author Jayne Frost in exchange for an honest review.

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Jenny’s Review

Okay first, this cover, this has to be one of my favorite covers, ever!!!!

This is a book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. If you have read (and if you haven’t-you need to) this series, then you’ve read about Logan Cage. My hands were itching for his story, my heart was craving it. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. And knowing it involved Tori Grayson made it that much more appealing to me.

Tori is the widow Rockstar, or ex rockstar now, that we meet in the previous books in this series. She was in a horrific bus accident that took the lives of her best friend and her husband. She’s been devastated for years, she’s cut off living life. She’s poured her entire being into managing rock bands with her best friend Taryn. So when she has to step up and escort Logan Cage while on tour, court ordered from a fight he got himself arrested for, how is she going to handle the situation and circumstances of the very things that took the most precious things in her life away, touring and tour buses? And can she rediscover happiness?

Logan Cage. Where do I begin to describe, to explain, to talk about this man. He’s troubled, he’s loyal, he’s fierce. In previous books, he’s a wholesome playboy, he’s the ultimate rockstar that 100% lives the rockstar life. When push comes to shove, he will hands down do what he has to do to protect those he loves. And let me say, I was shocked while reading this book. I fell in lust with Logan in precious books in this series, but this book, oh hell, I’m marrying the guy…..

I don’t want to give the storyline in this book away, I want you to experience the journey that this amazing author takes us on. The writing throughout this series has kept me intrigued, it’s kept me begging and needing more. I’ve never lost any desire nor attention, and she has the power to make me want MORE all the time. I’m sucked in when I read these books, I lock myself away because it’s those books YOU have to get to the end. And the end left me melted on the floor. I loved it!!

Read it, that’s what I’m saying. I know you’ll love Tori & Logan just as much as I did. This story has all the feels and it’ll give you that emotional ride that has you smiling, crying, yelling, laughing, and begging for more.

Release date is September 4th, 2018

Beta copy received by author in exchange for an honest review.

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