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Dirty Souls (Sins Duet #2) by Karina Halle

Dirty Souls Book Cover Dirty Souls
Sins Duet #2
Karina Halle
Fiction, Dark Romance
March 17th 2017

From New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle comes DIRTY SOULS the much-anticipated, nail-biting conclusion to Black Hearts…

Violet McQueen has always been a sensitive soul. Troubled and misunderstood, she never realized her place in the world, nor her true potential…until she met Vicente Bernal.

From birth, Vicente Bernal has always known his place in the world – he’s been groomed to be a ruthless king. Yet for a man whose soul has become morally bankrupt, it’s only through Violet he’s realizing the worth of someone’s heart.

But at what cost?

With a deadly game set in motion taking them from the stark deserts of California to the steamy jungles of Mexico, Violet and Vicente’s forbidden relationship will be put to the test. Boundaries will be pushed, lines will be crossed and souls will get very, very dirty.

Because how do you choose between blood and love when both might get you killed?

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ARIANNA’s review

Holy sh*t!! What a wild ride this book turned out to be! ‘Dirty Souls’ is simply amazing! AMAZING!! And, for sure, the favorite book I’ve read by this author so far. It’s dark, raw, gritty and, most of all, intense and twisted. This second installment held me at the edge of my seat the entire f@cking time and I loved…LOVED every minute of it. It’s filled with heart pounding, nail biting, and anxiety inducing moments as well as action, suspense, steam and remarkable well done WTF moments. It’s everything I expected it to be and so much more!

“This isn’t just young love … This is mad love. The kind that’s incurable.”

‘Dirty Souls’ picks up right where the previous installment, ‘Black Hearts’ ends. Violet McQueen discovers that her parents are not exactly who they say they are. They have secrets and for years they have been keping so much information about their lives from her and her brother. Violet’s life changes completely when she meets the enigmatic Hispanic man, Vicente. Vicente sees the real her and intrigues her like no other. Vicente Bernal doesn’t expect to be so drawn to Violet. He wants to use her…in some way, but instead, he becomes infatuated with her…and more.

“I once thought she was my weapon, now I realize she’s everything to me.”

Violet foinds out who Vicente really is – a son of a drug lord. She knows she should be scared, but she’s not. Despite the fact that she knows Vicente is dangerous, she’s drawn to him now more than ever. She’s falling for him hard and she can’t do anything about it. Violet and Vicente decide to run away. Violet needs to escape her family for a while and Vicente wants her with him, since her parents found out about who his father is. They decide it’s time to find out the truth about Violet’s parents’ past, and what they find out shocks Violet to the core.

Violet and Vicente’s plans and lives are turned upside down when they discover that danger lurking everywhere. Vicente knows how fragile Violet is, so he’s determined more than ever to protect her…at any cost. He will do anything for her…ANYTHING, to keep her safe and to show her that he’s more than his father’s son.

“I just need you to know that I love you with every inch of my black heart and dirty soul and I will do everything I can to keep you.”

Dayum!! What an enthralling, perfect read! ‘Dirty Souls’ is intriguing from the very first page to the last. It’s thrilling, intense and holy sh*t…so fantastically written. It’s action-packed, suspenseful and I absolutely loved all the twists and turns. Karina Halle kept me guessing until the end and, of course, the entire time while reading this, I was literally at the edge of my seat. I loved every single aspect of this story – the intensity, the suspense, the action and the steam. The author blended everything perfectly and delivered a captivating read that sucked me in from the very first page.

“The terror is tangible. The guilt, the fucking guilt, is almost worse.”

Once again, the two main characters, Violet and Vicente are simply great. Violet is stronger than ever in this second installment and, I have to say, I loved how she handled EVERYTHING. Her character development is simply stellar here. Vicente is still dangerous and manipulative, but also protective, possessive and caring of Violet. He doesn’t think he is capable of  love, but Violet shows him what real love is.

The relationship between these two main characters is stronger than ever in this second part. Karina Halle did a wonderful job with this aspect. The all-consuming, dirty, passionate love they have for each other is well done and palpable.

“I love you, my mirlo. I love you to the point of danger. Danger because where you go, I will go. Because I will do everything and anything to keep you with me. This isn’t the end of us There will never be an end of us. Ever.”

The supporting characters play an important role in this second installment. All of them are interesting, but the one who stood out the most for me was of course, Javier Bernal, who was such a crazy mofo. I lost count of how many times he left me with my mouth hanging open, and, well…I loved it!

All in all, ‘Dirty Souls’ is a fantastic conclusion to these characters’ story. It’s dark and raw, it’s intense and thrilling and if you have already read and enjoyed the first installment, I guarantee you will love this one as well.

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