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Descent by Natasha Knight

Descent Book Cover Descent
Natasha Knight
Enemies to Lovers
20th January 2020

Persephone Abbot is in my debt. 
Exactly the way I want it. 

The sins of the father should not be inherited by the daughter. It’s unfair, I know, but since when has life been fair? 

The events that brought us here began on Halloween night more than five years ago in that chapel ruin. I saved her that night. Carried her home through the storm that was the omen warning of what would come.

I didn’t know it then, but I do now. 

Her father destroyed something precious. Someone innocent. 
I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I won’t just balance the scales of justice, I’ll tip them so far in my favor his legacy will topple. 

I’ll take that which is most precious. His daughter. I’ll own her. Make her mine.

But I’m not the only monster lurking in the dark corners of her world. She’ll sleep in the bed of the beast but I’ll keep her safe. Protect her fiercely. 

And maybe I'll keep her. 

Set in the Benedetti Mafia World, Descent is a brand new Standalone Enemies-to-Lovers Romance.

Tracey’s Review

She’s done it again!!

Natasha Knight has written a dark and addictive new addition to her Benedetti Mafia world. While set in her oh so sexy Benedetti world, you won’t need to read any other book. Descent is a complete stand alone, one that will leave you wanting more from this fantastic series.

Whenever there is a new release from Natasha, I know I need to clear my calendar and lock myself away from any distraction. Her ability to suck me into her delicious world calls to my dark side. Her words are addictive and I am continuously hooked.

Descent has so many twists and turns that I was never sure what to except. It was sinful, sexy and down right delicious!

Hayden aka Hades was a ruthless man, but he was so hot! He certainly made my brain turn to mush on a few occasions. While he was powerful and dangerous man, he had a soft side that only our heroine saw on rare occasions. He had that confidence that oozed from him and the swagger to match. He stole my black heart and I loved every minute!!

Persephone was a woman on the brink, her life is falling apart! With no one to turn to she gives herself to the devil. Even with her world falling apart she never backed down from Hades, she stood her ground and fought him every step of the way. I loved this strength in her character, it shone through the darkness and the sacrifices she was willing to make to ensure her family was protected spoke volumes.

Together, their chemistry was undeniable. It was addictive, sexy and electrifying. I just wished there was more of their story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I am so glad we are back in the Benedetti world. If you’re looking for your next mafia, enemies to lover romance, then be sure to check out Descent by Natasha Knight.