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Deacon (Unfinished Hero, #4) by Kristen Ashley

Deacon Book Cover Deacon
Unfinished Hero #4
Kristen Ashley
Contemporary Romance
September 23, 2014

Deacon has an ugly history, a history that broke him, leaving him a ghost of a man. Out of necessity, he left the normal world to descend into the criminal world and found he fit. So he stayed. Cold as ice and living off the grid, Deacon has no intention to connect, not with anyone.

Then he returns to some remote cabins in the Colorado Mountains and finds they have new owners. One of them is Cassidy Swallow, a young woman willing to work hard to live her quiet dream in a house by a river surrounded by aspen and pine.

Suddenly, Deacon finds he’s at war. Cassidy’s pull for him to connect is strong. He fights it, but he loses, always coming back for more. But when he does, he gives her nothing.

From the first time she sees him, Cassidy knows Deacon is dead inside. She knows he’s the kind of man who could destroy a woman. But one night when Deacon’s control slips, Cassidy takes a chance.

He might break her. He also might be her dream come true.

Val’s Review

Re-read 12/17/14…The review below still stands…

2.5-3 Stars of Disappointment

It kills me to rate another KA so low, but that’s just how I feel about this book.

I’m going to keep this short…just because.

It started off really strong and I was loving it.


I just knew Deacon was destined for greatness.


Until it wasn’t.


The ENTIRE book was about Deacon and Cassidy and their relationship.

No Rock Chick-esque crime/shenanigan aspects.
No Reese or Finn-esque side characters.
Nothing ELSE.

Which would have been totally fine…except that it started to get really slow and kind of redundant.

Also – in the beginning of the book, there is a “disclaimer” regarding some bdsm/butt play shenanigans that were going to be afoot – and I was like YES!

Bring. It. On.

Well, it got brought on. And it was…Okay.


Until it wasn’t.


I’m sorry, but a supposed “Badass” (a word that was soooooo overused in this book, it’s ridiculous) like Deacon? I just don’t see him allowing ANYONE to shove a butt plug up his ass..


There are other ways to prove trust, people!

The words “Badass” and “Beauty” need to get shoved up someone’s ass though, I tell you what.

And when Cassidy finds out (or thinks she finds out) about Deacon’s secret, she sends him off with an overplayed Christina Aguilera song??? REALLY?


I don’t know.

It started off so strong and I was so excited about it. But, at the end of the day…I just thought the story got boring (by 80% I was almost skimming…skimming a KA!!!), there wasn’t enough real communication between the characters when there needed to be most (instead we got butt plug-gate), and overall this just fell flat for me.

All I know is, a book that I have been anticipating for EVER (and probably the most that I can remember in recent years) is the final of the Three Series.

So even though this one missed the mark for me, I have my fingers crossed for that one.


Please be good, please be good, please be good…