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Cutslut by Kim Jones

Cutslut Book Cover Cutslut
Kim Jones
Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Romance
June 6, 2017

I’m that girl.
No…I’m not.

They want their title.
I don’t.
They’re proud to belong.
I’m not.
They chose this life.
I didn’t…

My name is Winter Tews.
I am a thief. Liar. Traitor. Con.
The enemy is my lover.
I am his Cutslut.

And this is my story.

Damn right she’s not that girl.
They’re sugar and spice. She’s misery and sin.
And I want her.
Not to hold. Not to cherish. Not to love and honor and respect.
I want to break her. Hurt her. Destroy her. Just like she destroyed me.
She’s my brother’s sister.
My enemy’s Cutslut.
But soon…
She’ll be mine.

Val’s Review

4 – 4.5 Stars

First of all…Cutslut…charming title, no?

Yeah, I thought so too.
Because classy.


Second, despite having had Saving Dallas on my kindle for, well, YEARS now really without touching it (no joke), this is the first Kim Jones book I have ever actually cracked open and read.

And it definitely won’t be the last.

I really enjoyed this thing.

Winter is not your average heroine.

She is not a Mary Sue.
She is not a blushing virgin.
She does not care if people like her.

We are halfway best friends already here, people.


Add to that she drinks scotch and smokes.
She talks shit.
She has tattoos and fake tits.
And she will steal your fucking wallet just for fun?

Be still me beating heart, yo.



Because nothing makes me warmer and gooier inside than a fellow vice-ridden trash talker with limited standards and built-in flotation devices.


If you think I’m joking, think again.

But anySKANK.

I also ADORED Jinx.

I mean, first of all, his name is Jinx, so there’s that.

Then there was banter and hate fucking and so much delicious push/pull…

Le sigh.

So much happy.

Per the author’s note at the end of this thing, Jones calls this her WHORE series. Which I think is just absolutely shameful and an insult to women everywhere.

Oh, wait, I’m sorry, ^^^that’s not how I feel at all.

That was just an aftershock from last week’s idiot.

You know, the one who told me that my “skanky” moniker was offensive and holding back women everywhere, or some such nonsense.


Because a whore series?

Sign me the fuck up.