New Adult

Cruel War (The Gilded Sovereign #1) by Dani René

Cruel War Book Cover Cruel War
The Gilded Sovereign
Dani Rene
New Adult Romance
5th September 2019

I hate her. I want Dahlia to pay. Tynewood is my town, and she doesn’t belong here. While rage fuels me, my blood burns with desire.⁣⁣
I want vengeance, and I’ll get it.⁣⁣
No. Matter. What.⁣⁣
We’re on opposite sides of the battlefield — a poised flower, a raging warrior, and a mountain of secrets between us.⁣⁣
I knew he was bad news the moment I laid eyes on him. Anger and lust swirl together when he looks at me, but I don’t know why. War has commenced, and as secrets unfold, it looks like the battle has only just begun. He wants to hurt me. He loves to see me cry.⁣⁣
What Ares Lancaster doesn’t realize is, I’m not afraid of the darkness inside him.⁣⁣
Lies. Revenge. Bloodshed.⁣⁣
When war comes to a head, nobody is safe from the destruction it leaves in its wake.⁣⁣