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Cross Breed (Breeds, #23) by Lora Leigh

Cross Breed Book Cover Cross Breed
Breeds Series #23
Lora Leigh
Paranormal Romance
September 25, 2018
Yes, but better read in order.

#1 New York Times bestselling author of the Breeds series delivers the novel fans have been waiting for–mixed Coyote/Wolf Breed Cassie Sinclair finally gets her story!

It’s been over a decade since she was introduced as an unforgettable eight-year-old in Elizabeth’s Wolf. Now all grown up, Cassie is unique among the Breeds as a Coyote/Wolf mix. She has long known that her mate was somewhere out there, but he’s stayed frustratingly out of sight and beyond her senses. Cassie has decided to make her move and her mate is ready to make his. The Breed world will be rocked to its foundation as dangerous secrets are revealed.

Thank you, lawd, Lora Leigh.

Thank you for making this not suck and giving Cassie a good story.

Cause the stakes were high here, peeps.

But let’s back up.


I read my first Breed book waaaaaaay back in the day. I think I was in college or something. Which isn’t bad considering I started reading smut waaaaaaay before it was age-appropriate. We are talking 12 years old here, people.


In fact, one of the books in this series (Coyote’s Mate) is one of my favorite books of all time. I mean, we are talking the highest level of favorite here. The I’m-on-an-island-and-can-only-bring-x-number-of-books-and-this-is-one-of-them level of favorite.

Anyway. According to GR, I have read 21 of the books in this series, although with all the .5 installments it’s hard to say how many exactly.


Also, I think I’ve actually read some of the ones that I haven’t marked read or rated as I read them waaaaaaay before the advent of GR. So the number is probably higher than that.

In fact, it was a Breed book that actually prompted me to join GR. After picking one up and realizing I had purchased it and read it before – and the first one was STILL on my shelf to boot (this was pre-kindle so this meant I had two paperbacks) – I decided I needed to start inventorying my purchases to avoid these double-up blunders.

But I digress.

Anyone who has read or followed this series has been waiting for Cassie’s story for what seems like eons. We met her adorably weird semi-physic self back in book three and she is the daughter of fan favorites Elizabeth and Dash. And that book came out in 2004. When some of you reading this were like five fucking years old.


But I digress again.

What I’m beating around the bush to say here is: again, obviously the book stakes were high.

And, being that I pretty much stopped reading the most recent releases from this series – I felt like they were starting to be 20% repetitive story line and 80% repetitive sex – my expectations for this book were…well, they were pretty low, frankly.

That said, I REALLY enjoyed this book.

But being that it doesn’t come out until September, I don’t want to include too many details here.

Let’s just say that fans of the series will be happy with this (at least I was anyway) and I think Leigh did right by Cassie. She made her tough and even-keeled and didn’t have her character suddenly go sideways.

So many times in long running series, you have a character whose story you wait for FOREVER; but when their book finally comes out, the character acts completely different than they have up to that point.

Wonder Woman is suddenly a simpering beta female with no backbone and Superman is suddenly a pussified asshat who’s scared of the dark.


You get the idea.

Thankfully, that is not the case here.

I felt that Cassie stayed true to character and I loved that she didn’t whine or feel the constant need to battle for dominance (this annoys me to no end).

The plot was not the strongest, but I didn’t even care. I was just so happy that Cassie was awesome and that her mate was equally so.

I truly hope series fans love this as much as I did, and I think if they keep their expectations reasonable, they absolutely will.