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Craving It All (Hellfire Riders MC #9) by Kati Wilde

Craving It All Book Cover Craving It All
Hellfire Riders MC #9
Kati Wilde
Fiction, Erotic Romance, Motorcycle Romance
August 29th 2016

As the Hellfire Riders’ enforcer, Bull makes sure the club’s enemies get what’s coming to them. But this giant tattooed biker never saw what’s coming for him

Every morning for months now, I’ve been watching her. Sara Abu-Hamdi’s got a sweet smile and a curvy ass—and real soon, I’m going to make her mine. But I’ve got to move slowly, because there’s grown men who take off running when they see me coming, and the shadows in her dark eyes tell me she’s been running for a while.

But when one of the Hellfire Riders’ deals suddenly goes sour, and Sara sees something she shouldn’t, my plan to go slow gets flipped upside down real fast. Because she’s ready to run again—but I’ll do whatever it takes to get her sexy little body under me until she craves my touch so hard, she’ll never leave.

Whatever it takes. Even if that means keeping her in lockdown and forcing her to share my bed…

Craving It All is a completely standalone romance within the Hellfire Riders series. You don't need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy Bull's story. Craving It All is a double-length novella of 45,000 words and a HEA.