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Craving Hawk (The Aces’ Sons #3) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Hawk Book Cover Craving Hawk
The Aces Sons #3
Nicole Jacquelyn
Contemporary Romance
July 30, 2016

Tommy Hawthorne thought Heather Collins was sexy. It didn’t matter what color her hair was or how many piercings she added to her face. She just did it for him.

Unfortunately, when they were kids she only had eyes for his baby brother, and when Mick died, Tommy lost all contact with Heather.

A few years later, they’re thrown together when the Aces and Eights Motorcycle Club goes on lockdown.

Tommy isn’t the cocky boy Heather remembered. He’s angry with the world, and he can’t seem to harness his rage or the nightmares that wake him up in a cold sweat every night.

But one thing hasn’t changed.

He still wants Heather.

Val’s Review

4 Stars

So this is going to be short.

Because…. *warning non-book-related material alert* …

(snort)…it’s my Dad’s birthday and me and the sister are taking him to see something I have been waiting for for fucking YEARS.




Oh my lord, people. I’m so frakking excited that the inner squee is pretty hard to contain here.

But anyway, I have to leave for that soon and then take the old fart to an old man blue bird lunch.

So this book….

…Is pretty short…
…ends verra abruptly…
…and has basically no plot to speak of…


But, you know what?

V. D. C.

Val. Don’t. Care.

Because, when it comes to this series?


I’m a pig.


And I love me some shit.

I wouldn’t recommend this book if you aren’t caught up on the series – both this one and the original Aces series. If you haven’t read those, the people here will mean nothing to you and the story might seem pretty legless and empty.

But, if like me, you are an Aces slut, this will be right in your wheelhouse.

Tommy and Heather are aight – but mainly I just loved catching up with previous series characters and getting to hang out in the Aces clubhouse again.


How the hell did I not know this was out!!!!!????


Setting everything else aside. Including all real life productivity.