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Craving Constellations (The Aces #1) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Constellations Book Cover Craving Constellations
The Aces Series #1
Nicole Jacquelyn
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
August 27th 2013

"How is it, that someone can make decision after decision attempting to get away from their past and somehow end up right back where they started?"

When Brenna decided to leave the only life she'd ever known, she never thought she'd ever be back. Now, five years later she's running from her clean cut husband straight back to the motorcycle club that raised her... and the man she left behind. She left with a secret, and as soon as she returns the truth will break her carefully constructed life wide open.

ARIANNA’s review


To be honest here I was a little reluctant to start this series since I’m not really a fan of MC books. However, I’m happy to say ‘Craving Constellation’, the first installment in Nicole Jacquelyn’s series entitled ‘The Aces’ was a total winner for me. It was raw, gritty, emotional and it sucked me in from the very beginning, but it also was sexy and passionate. Needless to say I enjoyed the hell out of it!

“I was the princess of Aces MC, and I had the bloody knuckles to prove it.”

Five years ago Brenna made a decision who changed her life irrevocably. Wanting to get away from the rough life she always lived, she chose to leave the MC life, the “Aces” where her father was the vice-president and make a life for herself somewhere else. She wanted something else, but now, five years later, realizing her new life it’s nothing like she had expected, she decides to run back to her old life, life had always been her only safe heaven. Brenna’s life for the last five years wasn’t exactly filled with hearts and flowers, living with an abusive husband being hard to say the least.

“He was like a wounded animal, and I was the hunter who’d wounded him. I didn’t know if he would ever forgive me.”

Dragon was just a new recruit five years ago when he met Brenna, at that time not knowing she is the VP’s daughter. He had been mesmerized by her beauty wanting more than anything to have her in his bed. After spending one hot, passionate night together, they part ways, Dragon never seeing Brenna again for five years. Five years it’s a long time, but Dragon never forget the redhead beauty or how strong their connection used to be.

When Dragon finds out Brenna is back and that she kept their daughter from him all these years he’s angry, confused, but as much as he wants to make the woman pay for everything, he can’t deny Brenna is a great mother or that he never stopped wanting her.

“It was like she was one of those sirens who lured men to their deaths.”

‘Craving Constellation’ was well written, consuming and I couldn’t put it down. The plot was well developed and while I found some aspects a little predictable, I enjoyed it! Both Brenna and Dragon were well developed characters. I liked Brenna for the most part, mainly because she was a great mother for her daughter, but I have to admit she pissed me off a couple of times. Also, the fact that she kept her daughter from Dragon for so many years was infuriating to say the least. She was well portrayed as a battered woman and overall she was an interesting character.

Dragon was more than I had expected to be honest. He was a mean douchebag with Brenna…at times, but he also was sweet, caring and very protective other times. I liked how he made her feel at some point – sexy and desirable and how honest he was with her about his intentions and feelings. I enjoyed how their tumultuous relationship between them progressed. Dragon knows from the start that he wants Brenna and their daughter and makes it clear numerous times. He was an alpha-male that I really liked reading about and I think he complemented our heroine pretty well. I also loved how his priorities started to change from the moment he finds out about his daughter. He loved her and cared for her from the moment he met her, their connection being palpable from the beginning.

Brenna and Dragon’s story is not only raw and gritty, but also steamy as hell. I loved all the sexy, passionate, explosive sex scenes between them and also Dragon’s dirty mouth.

“He said it was gross, huh?” I said and raised my eyebrows. Then, I licked her pussy from her ass to her clit. Just like I remembered, it was sweet as fuckin’ candy. “Nope, not gross.” I licked her again.

I liked the supportive characters a lot! All of them were interesting and well portrayed and I’m looking forward to read their own stories.

All in all, ‘Craving Constellations’ was a well written, emotional, gripping read and overall, a fantastic debut novel!