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Coast (Kick Push #2) by Jay McLean

Coast Book Cover Coast
Kick Push, #2
Jay McLean
Fiction, New Adult
June 7th 2016

One life-changing summer.
One boy.
The boy.
The boy who offered me safe touches and heart-stopping smiles - smiles he shared with his son.
We filled our days with porch-step kisses,
filled our ears with laughter,
filled our hearts with love.
Deep, soul-aching, desperate love.
But love is misleading.
It's an invisible, fleeting moment.
Somewhere between false adoration and pure hatred comes an emotion, a vulnerable need, a single desire.
It lives within the ones who miss it, who crave it,
who know better than to expect it.
Love is relentless.
Even when that love turns to hate, turns to loathing,
turns to pain.
Love should heal you.
But it can also break you.
Believe me, I know...
Because I'm Becca Owens - a broken girl...
...And he's Josh Warden - the boy who broke me.

ARIANNA’s review


‘Coast’ is the second and final installment in Jay McLean’s duet series entitled ‘Kick Push’ and it was as good if not better (in my opinion), then the prequel. Jay delivered an equally heartwarming and heartbreaking tale that from the very first chapter it will make you feel. I enjoyed ‘Kick Push’, the first installment in the series, but I absolutely loved the continuation of Josh and Becca’s story. I cried and smiled with them, I rooted for them from the start and I fell in love with both with them (again) as the story unfolded.

“I’m Becca Owens- a broken girl. And he’s Josh Warden- the boy who broke me.”

If you already have read ‘Kick Push’ you already know that Becca has a tragic past. She’s still struggling with everything that happened with her, she’s still fighting her own demons. While Becca tries desperately to forget her past and find out who she is without Josh and his son, Tommy, our hero, Josh tries to raise his son as best as he can. Time passes…Becca focuses on her life and her future, focuses on building her strength instead of trying to find reasons to excuse her weakness. While she knows she has to do that on her own, she still thinking on Josh and Tommy.

“I hate him.
I love him.
I hate that I love him.”


“You know what the dictionary definition of coast is, Becs?”
I shake my head and face him.
“It’s where the land meets the sea.” He presses his lips to my temple. “What if you were the land, and I were the sea? What if the coast we’d been searching for was us all along… living and existing together…?”

Josh and Becca’s story was absolutely beautiful and so well written. I love this author’s writing style and her storytelling was as always very engrossing. I’m not gonna lie, this installment like I mentioned above was heartbreaking, but I loved every minute of it. I lived with these characters and I honestly experienced every single one of their emotion. Their road to happiness was full of ups and downs and I suffered with them as the story unfolded. Both of them had obstacles to overcome which I loved, because these two characters’ growth was fantastically done.

Once again, Josh was a wonderful hero. He won my heart with his love and kindness that he had not only for his son, but for Becca and other characters as well.

“The thing about Becca is simple. She’s like walking into a warm house when you’ve been out in the cold. You don’t realize how good it feels until you’re surrounded by it.”

He was an amazing hero. I loved the way he loved Becca. His patience and consideration simply warmed my heart. I loved his loyalty to Becca and also how easily he understood that she needs to find herself. He was always there for Becca, supporting her no matter what and I loved him for that.


“It wasn’t until I felt Josh’s love that I realized that even though I couldn’t speak, it didn’t mean I didn’t have a voice.”

Becca’s journey broke my heart at times. She was such an inspiring heroine. I loved her strength and also her perseverance to be in control of her life and the fact that she worked hard to achieve her goals was admirable. Josh and Becca’s relationship development was really well done. I loved them together and I loved their devotion to each other.

Tommy, Josh’s little boy almost stole the show for me. Almost! He was pure and simple adorable and I adored his relationship with his father and also with Becca as the story unfolded.

All in all, ‘Coast’ was a great conclusion to Josh and Becca’s story. It was beautifully written, emotional with well developed, endearing characters and for sure will leave you with a huge smile on your face.